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Basic Training

According to one Los Angeleno who exercises at Jane Fonda’s Workout center in Beverly Hills, Jane herself occasionally comes in to conduct classes. When she does, it’s no laughing matter, despite recent Doonesbury comic strips. “She is tough,” says our source. “She works your buns off, and you’re exhausted when she’s through.” As a result, Jane has earned an affectionate nickname at the gym: the Drill Sergeant.

And Now, How Not to…

Michael Morgenstern, the New York lawyer who wrote the best-seller How to Make Love to a Woman, may not always practice what he preaches. Morgenstern, 29, was slated to go on trial last week for assault; he allegedly fractured the jaw of his then girlfriend, Marie Parkes, 22, on Aug. 5, 1981. According to Parkes, a model for the Zoli Agency, she had lived with Morgenstern for a few months but moved out on that date. Shortly after midnight, Parkes claims, Morgenstern came to the place where she was staying, knocked on the door, and punched her in the face, fracturing her upper jaw and breaking a tooth. Parkes says she required oral surgery and missed three weeks of work. Morgenstern, on the other hand, claims he came home unexpectedly from a business trip on Aug. 3, found Parkes “in the company of another man,” and asked her to move out. He denies the assault ever took place. If convicted, he could spend up to a year in prison.

Government Channels

One government official calls them “an abomination,” but soap operas have been gaining ground with political bigwigs, according to an article in Washingtonian magazine, which reports that John Connally watches As the World Turns and Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall is a devotee of Days of Our Lives. Among former D.C. residents, Betty Ford makes a point of watching The Young and the Restless (on which her son Steven is now a regular) and Lady Bird Johnson is a fan of General Hospital. Other tidbits: Tallulah Bankhead once had her maid ask President Eisenhower to call back after The Edge of Night, John F. Kennedy supposedly scheduled his press conferences around the soaps, and Nelson Rockefeller reportedly took a break each afternoon to watch As the World Turns. The magazine quoted Connecticut Congressman Toby Moffett as saying, “Every day you can go into the Capitol cloakrooms, and Congressmen will be sitting there, glassy-eyed, watching Search for Tomorrow and As the World Turns.” But they don’t pay much attention to CBS’ political soap, Capitol. According to one observer, for that kind of drama “you can pick up any front page of the Washington Post.”

Loss of Face

“I don’t need nothing but my bow and arrow, a Bronco and some land to go deer hunting on,” rocker Ted Nugent told a Detroit interviewer earlier this month. Two days later his 1972 Ford Bronco lost its front wheel, hit a tree in rural Michigan, and gave the “Motor City Madman” face abrasions and a minor skull fracture. He was well enough to perform the next night, however. Philosophized Nugent, 33, “You don’t need a face to do rock ‘n’ roll.”


•Now he tells us. Gene Kelly, 70, says, “Young people are missing something in the way they dance today. I thought putting your arm around a pretty girl was the best part.”

•Margot Kidder, interviewed by a London paper, was typically frank about her personal life. Said Margot, 33, “I love men. I love sex, and I don’t care who knows it. A man can run around Hollywood fooling around with every woman in sight and people think it’s great. But let a woman do it and she’s a slut. Well, that double standard doesn’t exist for me.”