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Hold That Tiger!

It started out as just another snappy fall day at ivy-covered Princeton University. Then Brooke Shields showed up to be photographed for a possible LIFE spread at the college of her choice. She’d been pinning her hopes on Old Nassau “since I was a baby,” she told a slack-jawed campus reporter. Brooke, 16, and a junior at a New Jersey private school, allowed that she’s scared stiff of the SATs. Sampling campus life, Brooke snatched the last stale Dorito out of a bag she found in a student’s room (the bag now hangs enshrined on the wall) and accidentally got bashed on the nose by a Frisbee. Asked by one awed Princetonian how she coped with her celebrity status, Brooke shrugged, “I just have to laugh about it.”

‘CHiPs’ for the Kid

Could it be? Is it possible that ex-Beatle George Harrison, one of the biggest gorgonzolas in rock ‘n’ roll, is an Erik Estrada fan? Not quite. The reason George arranged that private visit to the CHiPs set, including lunch with Estrada, was that George’s son Dhanni hero-worships the cop on a bike, and Papa indulgently thought they should meet. Dhanni is 3, but apparently a terribly sophisticated 3.

The Other ‘Woman’

In the moody opening sequence of The French Lieutenant’s Woman, waves crash over the breakwater at Lyme Regis. A tall, hooded figure stands in the distance, mist swirling about her, looking out to the sea. But it isn’t Meryl Streep. It isn’t even a woman. It’s Terry Pritchard, an art director for the film, wearing a wet suit and Meryl’s now famous cape. “Heavy seas were essential for that shot,” says fellow art director Norman Dorme. “But there was no way they could put Meryl Streep out there. Terry was there that day and he volunteered.” Alas, another bubble burst.

One Date at a Time

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum’s Junior Associates’ Venetian Ball was packed with Muffies, Buffies and Manhattan socialites of all sorts—hardly the place one would expect to find ex-druggie Mackenzie Phillips, 21, in a red silk dress. But there she was, on the arm of dad John Phillips, not as a celebrity draw, but as a paying ($125 for membership) guest. Mackenzie, who’s been spending more time in the New York area since signing on for a drug program in a Summit, N.J. hospital last December, said she joined the museum because “I want to meet all kinds of people, not just showbiz people or addicts. Everyone here has been so friendly, and there are so many handsome men,” added Mackenzie. She’s divorced from would-be rock promoter Jeff Sessler. Actually, now that she’s back in circulation Mackenzie’s not exactly a fish out of water. Her mother is Baltimore socialite Susan Adams.

Sounds Fishy

When Liz Taylor plays London in The Little Foxes, opening in March, she’ll reportedly be pulling in $50,000 a week (less than her Broadway haul) for the four-month run. The contract also stipulates that Miss Taylor will require an aquarium in her dressing room, which is no problem for can-do impresario Louis Benjamin. The play’s British producer says he’ll spring for it himself. The aquarium, he notes, “is not an extravagant request for a superstar like her—believe me.”


•It took a British reporter to ask, and New York Mayor Ed Koch, who has never married, answered head on that he doesn’t mind those rumors about his being a homosexual. “First, because I’m not one; second, because if I were, I wouldn’t be ashamed of it; and third, because what’s wrong with it? You are what God made you.”

•In Paternity, Burt Reynolds plays a man who wants a baby, but not a wife. In real life he feels much the same. But he’d do it in the time-honored way, regardless of the wonders of modern science. “Artificial insemination?” he says. “That would be no fun.”