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Hollywood Downs

With the SAG/AFTRA strike in its third week, out-of-work actors are using their sudden free time much the way the rest of us would—some more productively than others. Taxi’s Danny De Vito had just come from a contract hassle when the strike began, so now he says he’s “reading a book on how to get along with people.” Powers Boothe, who played Jim Jones in Guyana Tragedy, scheduled a needed tonsillectomy because he won’t have to talk much in the near future. Loretta Swit is going back to dance class and reading a book a day, and Bruce Dern hopes the strike will last long enough for him to get to some pro football games. Angie’s Donna Pescow is working up a nightclub act, which comes under a different union, but Loni Anderson of WKRP is shrugging off showbiz and taking her 15-year-old daughter, Deidra, to Arizona for a visit with her mother. Home, as Robert Frost said, is the place where when you have to go there, they have to take you in.

Z.B. and tho Deer

Summer meals never get dreary chez Zbigniew Brzezinski in suburban McLean, Va. When the Brzezinskis’ two teenaged sons found a freshly shot out-of-season deer near home, their mom, Muska (a sculptor by trade), quartered the carcass herself and proudly served the venison to family and friends. Says the National Security Adviser: “It was delicious.”

Wheel of Misfortune

Sex symbol, peutêtre; hustler, pas de tout. Omar Sharif’s new casino in Trouville-sur-Mer, he says, “is the only casino in France that is losing money.” For the first two weeks Sharif lavishly picked up everyone’s restaurant bill. Then came a big gambler who asked for Omar’s favorite roulette numbers. “I warned him that last year I had lost my shirt playing those same numbers, but I gave them to him anyway.” Zut alors! “He started playing and I tell you, my numbers began coming up, again and again, day after day. It was a dagger through my heart.” But at least not through his shirt.

All Those Jaws

In All That Jazz he splayed his private life, but Roy Scheider’s looks, across the screen. Choreographer Bob Fosse says his own face drew a blank until he did an American Express commercial. “Suddenly, everybody in the world was stopping me in the street. Of course, sometimes they got me wrong. ‘You’re the guy who does the Muppets, right?’ ”

Moles and All

A 20th Century-Fox executive has found an imperfection in—this may be hard to believe—Robert Redford. “He’s got a hangup about his looks,” claims the studio man. “He feels he’s too pretty and that his looks get in the way of people accepting him in a dramatic role.” Consequently, the source says, the pictures of Redford in the Brubaker ads were picked by the star himself to make him look as ugly as possible—if that’s possible.


•Once they all clowned harmoniously on Saturday Night Live, but now Chevy Chase seems to be out of key with Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi, whose Blues Brothers movie is preceding his Caddy-shack around the country. “We’re different,” Chase observed. “I think I’ll be around a long time.”

•British actor Patrick Macnee finds Susan Strasberg’s kiss-and-tell autobiography, Bittersweet, “repellent.” Why? “For one reason,” he says, “I’m not in it.”

•Marital bliss is turning Mariana Simionescu, now Mrs. Bjorn Borg, into a world-class aphorist. Pronounced she, Yoda-like, after her long-planned wedding: “Like their land in the spring, the Swedes are slow to defrost. But patience is compensated.”