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December 15, 1980 12:00 PM

Pas de Trois

He took over as director of the American Ballet Theater in September, but already Russian dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov has a bigger production in the works. It’s the baby his live-in lady, Jessica (King Kong) Lange, is expecting. Columnist Liz Smith broke the news. Officials at the ABT wouldn’t confirm the pregnancy but one insider added, “There comes a point where you can’t deny it any longer.” Word is that the not-yet-divorced Jessica would like to tie the knot with Misha who, friends say, has been faithful to the blond actress in his fashion. One dancer at ABT expressed surprise: “Here we all thought he was going to be the father of our company.”


In an interview marking his 32nd birthday, Prince Charles made clear that being young, handsome, wealthy, powerful, independent and charming is no piece of cake. Princely duties can hang heavy. “Writing speeches is a major sweat,” he allowed. “And actually sitting down and thinking is a sweat. Worrying whether you are going to say the right thing is another problem, because everyone will jump on you.” And we thought it was so easy.

Do Ya Think I’m Stealthy?

“Well, I was damned if I was going to pay for it.” So boasted Rod Stewart of the copy of ex-lover Britt Ekland’s kiss-and-sell confessional that he lifted from a bookstall at London’s Heathrow Airport. “I looked around for security mirrors, and I just grabbed it. I put it straight under my fur coat and walked out to the VIP lounge.” After flipping though True Britt during the flight, Rod thought he came out pretty well, but he felt badly for Britt, whom he describes as “a born loser, always the bridesmaid.” Then he did the sensible thing with “hot” property (well, actually, Rod’s assistant says he paid for it)—the singer chucked the book out the window of his limo, somewhere in Britt’s native Sweden.

Five Easy Pieces

Liz Taylor has written her memoirs, and top British literary agent Don Short is hot to handle them, or so goes the British gossip. But Liz says no deal. The candid autobiography, detailing her life and times with the five men who preceded Virginia Sen. John Warner in the role of her husband, is reportedly locked in a Swiss bank vault and will remain there until it’s no longer potentially embarrassing to the politically ambitious Warner. Meantime, the curious can look forward to a new unauthorized bio of Taylor due next fall. It’s by the same Kitty Kelley who did up Mrs. Onassis in Jackie, Oh! Can Liz afford to wait?


•In a rare interview about women, Woody Allen revealed one thing he’d learned. “You can’t straighten out the attractive crazies, like the Charlotte Rampling character [in Stardust Memories]—the girls who are fascinating but hopelessly lost.” Help is available, he agrees, “but then you cease to be a lover. You become the Jewish voice of reason. The girl wants to set herself on fire for you, and all you can find to say is, ‘You really ought to see a doctor.’ ”

•Was that really Beverly Sills at the Los Angeles Airport, standing in the rent-a-car queue in her fur coat? It was indeed the very same retired diva, now general director of the New York City Opera, in town for a Music Center function. But no limo? “It’s up to me to tighten the purse strings,” explained Bev, whose company operates in the red. “We can’t afford it.”

•It was in-law trouble, says Philippe Junot, recently the husband of Monaco’s Princess Caroline. “There were problems with her parents,” he says. “I like them—they’re great. But if they ever saw Caroline unhappy, everything got exaggerated.” The marriage lasted 27 months. “What I really wanted,” Junot adds, “was some time for Caroline and me to be alone and work out our problems. But then her parents interfered, and then the press, and the whole thing became impossible.”

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