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Hidden Treasure

The state of California is hunting down Bill Cosby, Dyan Cannon, Bruce Dern and Peter Ustinov, but it’s not tax trouble. The State Controller’s Division of Unclaimed Property has a check for each, from old movie residuals or dormant bank accounts. But finding even the most famous can be a problem. The search starts with printing the names in the Los Angeles Times. Seeing her name, Lucille Ball phoned to ask the amount, then said her agent would handle the $69.44. James Mason wrote from Switzerland that there could be some confusion because his “is a fairly common name,” and earned $170 for his trouble. Bob Hope reclaimed $7,577.71 and Bianca Jagger $438.44. Chief of the Locater Unit Patricia Noland always asks for autographed pictures—and always gets them. “I feel like a 16-year-old,” she giggles. Meanwhile James Brolin, Kate Jackson and Lilli Palmer should send in for their checks. You too, Greta Garbo. You’ll be richer by $41.50.

Dear Ann

She’s moving to Los Angeles “to get away from these Chicago winters” and to be close to her daughter, her grandchildren and her sisters, says advice columnist Ann Landers, a/ k/ a Eppie Lederer. It has nothing to do with a rumored new man in her life. Actually, on that front, “There are several,” says the indomitable Eppie. “Five at least. This morning I got a beautiful bouquet of flowers signed ‘Dick.’ Well, I had to call the florist to find out which one. There’s a Dick on the East Coast, a Dick on the West Coast and another one in Houston.”

Happy Ever Aftering

Rex Harrison is touring in My Fair Lady, Richard Burton in Camelot, and Brigadoon is doing fine on Broadway without any returning varsity players. It’s a boom revival for Alan Jay Lerner, who wrote the lyrics for all three shows. The seven-times-married Lerner is enjoying a bit of a personal revival as well. His eighth fair lady, Liz Robertson, 26, was the Eliza Doolittle of the current London version (until last month). The soul of discretion, she says daintily, “I don’t want to make a mess,” but Lerner does not deny reports that he hopes to get her to the church. On time, of course, but not too soon. He’s still married to wife No. 7, Nina Bushkin, who has filed for divorce. After three years of marriage, she was barely accustomed to his face.


Indian summer is a little late this year among SAG and AFTRA members just returning to work, but the Vega$ crew is obstinately observing normal fall rituals. Star Bob Urich is running an essay contest for the rest of the cast on the theme “What I Did during My Summer Vacation.” He’ll judge them without names attached and read the top three at a reunion cookout at his Las Vegas home. What about Urich himself, who makes over a million dollars a season? “I spent a lot of time on the phone with my accountant.”


•Rod Stewart and wife Alana may add to their brood (they already have Kimberly and Sean) as soon as they find time. Stewart explains: “It only takes me 20 minutes, whereas it takes her nine months.”

•Some teenage stars go for flashy wheels, but Melissa Gilbert of Little House on the Prairie said when she turned 16 in April she opted for a beige station wagon. Huh? “It’s real inconspicuous,” she explains. “I mean, how many beige station wagons do you see getting pulled over for tickets?”