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According to an embassy spokesman, Canadian Ambassador to the U.S. Peter Towe “categorically denies” telling a Washington Post reporter—after seeing clips from Margaret Trudeau’s upcoming movie L’Ange Gardien—”The film’s in French and Margaret never did speak French very well. So when you can’t speak French and you can’t act, there isn’t much else to say, is there?” What Towe really said, continues the spokesman, is that he was “impressed” with the clips, and that he had “tremendous sympathy for anyone trying two new things—acting and speaking French.” Which should make Margaret feel better. Shouldn’t it?


Last year a group of irate Denver football fans did what millions of TV viewers only dream about—they pitched bricks through a TV screen when Howard Cosell appeared on Monday Night Football. This year, when Howard appeared in town to broadcast a Broncos game, he responded with brickbats of his own. “Last year in a fleabag bar,” he scolded fans at a sports luncheon, “a guy seeking publicity pulled one of the cheapest tricks I’ve ever seen pulled on anybody. And television and the press publicized it all over America. I’m sick and tired of that kind of garbage. I don’t hold any one of you individually accountable, but certainly as part of the city where it happened you must at least indirectly bear part of the blame.” And with that the city of Denver presumably went to bed without its supper.

No Bikini Atoll?

First Natalie Wood got press by announcing she’d skinny-dip in the Hawaii surf for her love scene with William Devane in the NBC-TV remake of From Here to Eternity. Then last month the network—regretfully bowing to the censor’s demand—said the couple would wade up to their necks, all suited up, then jubilantly throw their swimsuits into the air. What NBC didn’t announce is that the actual filming was even more tepid: The stars tossed their swim togs all right—but underneath they wore second suits. So much for the Liberated ’70s.

Oh. J.

Actor Roger Moore, soon to appear in a movie about mercenaries, Wild Geese, says he almost lost the job to a football running back. “The producer, Euan Lloyd, met with a big agency, which shall remain nameless. They said, ‘Who’ve you got for Geese?’ Euan said, ‘I’ve got Richard Burton, Richard Harris and Roger Moore.’ ‘Hold the phone,’ said the agent. ‘We penciled in O. J. Simpson for the role you gave to Moore. The script says he’s Black Irish.’ ” An incredulous Lloyd explained their mistake, and Moore got the role. But, he grins, “I played the part with O. J. Simpson in mind.”


•Whether or not husband John Warner wins his Senate bid, Elizabeth Taylor says she’ll return to showbiz after the election—but on a modest scale. The once seven-figure superstar will consider TV specials, for as little as $200,000.

•According to a story making the rounds in London, playwright Tennessee Williams, vacationing in Venice awhile back, was enjoying a dip in the Cipriani Hotel pool with Marguerite Littman. She is the very social Louisiana-born wife of the deputy chairman of British Steel. Calling Williams’ attention to a painfully thin girl, Marguerite, 45, whispered, “That is Anorexia Nervosa.” Shrugged Tennessee: “Oh, Marguerite, you know everybody.”

•On a trip to L.A. where she spoke on behalf of Democratic congressional candidates Carey Peck and Dennis Kazarian, First Mother Lillian Carter admitted that she’d never met either man before. “But sometimes,” she confided, “if you don’t know them, you do better.”