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Charlotte Rampling: Actress

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“Every door opens when you’re beautiful,” observes Charlotte Rampling, 55, whose latest film, Under the Sand, opens this month. “It’s amazing how people literally trip over beauty when they see it.” And while she believes that “at the age of 40 people aren’t looking at you the way they! used to,” Rampling’s dramatic silvery eyes and lithe 57″ figure have lost none of their allure over her 36-year career. “She’s maintained such physical presence,” says friend Anthony Palliser, a Paris-based painter. “There’s a glow—the Rampling magic.” The British-born actress insists she does little to preserve her looks beyond indulging in a glass of red wine at lunch. “It’s a beauty routine for me,” she says. “I sit, I eat slower, I sip my wine.” A mother of three, she separated in 1996 from her second husband, composer Jean-Michel Jarre, 52, after 20 years of marriage. Since 1998 she has lived in Paris with businessman Jean-Noel Tassez, 45. Being in love, she says, is the ultimate cosmetic: “It’s what makes women really beautiful.”