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Celebrity Slimdown!

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Lost 70 lbs.!


The 5’8″ Dancing with the Stars contestant, 60-who has declared the show “the best workout I’ve ever had!”-credits her trimmer waistline to daily five-hour ballroom rehearsals and her own weight-loss-supplement program, Organic Liaison, which she launched last year. Says the actress, “All of a sudden the weight is falling off me!”

Lost 30 lbs.!


So long, size 12! “I’ve been hiking, using weights and doing Zumba [a dance fitness class],” says the 5’10” American Idol winner, 21, who recently posted a bikini photo on Twitter. And the singer doesn’t make any excuses for herself: “It was just a shift in my thinking. Instead of talking about being more active, I find time to fit it in.”

Lost 30 lbs.!


Last year the 5’8″ comedian made his weight “a priority,” he told Rolling Stone. “When I get stressed, I put on weight … I never thought about what I ate, and I just didn’t work out a lot.” That was then: Hill-who next stars in the film version of 21 Jump Street-now works out regularly with the help of a trainer.

Lost 30 lbs.!


After ditching soda and spending an hour on the elliptical up to five times a week, “I’ve been able to fit into my old jeans!” says the 5’1″ Jenny Craig spokeswoman. More important, Fisher, 54, is no longer hiding in her L.A. home: “I went to Lakers games a couple times. I would never have gone if I’d been the other weight.”