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January 14, 2013 12:00 PM

Kathy Griffin’s assistant Tiffany Rinehart


Lost 81 lbs.

When Kathy Griffin’s assistant Tiffany Rinehart first saw her 246-lb. figure on the comedian’s reality show, “I didn’t like the way I looked,” says Rinehart, 28. So she signed up for Weight Watchers and found new ways to stay active while on the road with Griffin. “I do Zumba DVDs in my hotel room,” she says. After a red-eye flight, “I’d go to bed, and she would hit the gym!” says Griffin, 52. “She’s extremely disciplined.” When Rinehart received a size 4 dress from Griffin, “I was like, ‘I’m not going to be able to fit into this,’ ” she says. “Then, zip! Boom!” says Griffin. “She’s a catch!”

Bethenny Frankel’s food blogger Nicholas Feitel


Lost 66 lbs.

From day one Bethenny Frankel never hid her desire to give food blogger Nick Feitel, 25, a makeover. “I said, ‘You’re going to unleash your inner Skinnygirl’ and took him to his first yoga class,” says Frankel, 42. Now a devoted yogi (he practices daily), the 5’10” Feitel whittled himself down from 225 lbs. to 159 lbs. and adopted a more forgiving attitude toward food. “If I have pizza one day, I just won’t have it the next,” says Feitel, who also has no qualms being a guy eating Skinnygirl Daily bars in public. “I’m happy he’s more confident,” says Frankel. “He’s had a manformation!”

Jessica Simpson‘s childhood friend Stephanie Terblanche


Lost 40 lbs.

After Stephanie Terblanche, 33, gave birth to her 1-year-old son Curran, the scale read 179 lbs. and didn’t budge. “I was in a rut,” says the 5’5″ mom. So when her best friend Jessica Simpson, 32, became a Weight Watchers spokeswoman after having daughter Maxwell last May, Terblanche joined the program too. Now on nights out the pals split plates of spaghetti bolognese and double up on support. “It helps to have a partner,” says Terblanche, who is down to 139 lbs. and just ran a half marathon. Says Simpson, who lost more than 50 lbs. and is expecting baby No. 2: “I’m inspired by her every day!”

Jonas Brothers Musical Director John Taylor


Lost 137 lbs.

Every time he went out to eat with the Jonas Brothers, musical director John Taylor would suggest ordering “more for the table,” says Joe Jonas, 23, but “we all knew it was really for John.” “I’d binge eat,” says Taylor, 30, who was a fan of ordering late-night room service until his 5’8″ frame filled out to 347 lbs. and he realized “I needed help.” With the guidance of a nutritionist and doctor-and with Joe making sure the tour bus was stocked with nuts and fruit-Taylor has lost 137 lbs. and counting. Now “I can keep up when I hike with friends.” Adds Joe: “It’s amazing to see how healthy he is.”

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