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Celebrity Kids: Family Business!

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Eddie Murphy’s daughter Bria Murphy


So what has Bria, 23, learned from watching her father Eddie’s raw talent over the years? “To let go and put myself out there,” says the model and actress. “I’m a lot more reserved than he is!” With new acting projects in the works, Eddie’s oldest daughter with ex-wife Nicole Mitchell is anxious for her father’s insight. “I can’t wait to see [his] reaction,” she says. “I want him to be brutally honest. When my dad is impressed, he goes, ‘Wow, good job!’ So we’ll see.”

Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell’s son Wyatt Russell


After a hip injury permanently sidelined any future for him in hockey, Wyatt, 26, decided to try his hand at acting. His parents, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, “just let us be who we wanted,” says the actor, who will next be seen in the film Love and Honor, costarring Liam Hemsworth. “I just want to be good,” he says. “I don’t care about anything else.”


Schwarzenegger & Maria Shriver’s son Patrick Schwarzenegger


Cofounding PROJECT360, an apparel company that donates a portion of its proceeds to charity, 19-year-old Patrick has eagerly looked to his famous parents, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, for direction. Now focused on becoming an actor, he’s making his own mark, hanging out with actors like Taylor Lautner and snagging a role as a frat boy in the upcoming comedy Grown Ups 2, starring Adam Sandler.

Jean-Claude Van Damme’s daughter Bianca Bree


A former figure skater and track speed-skater, Bianca, 22, whose mother is ex-bodybuilder Gladys Portugues, has acted in six of her martial artist/actor dad’s films (including the upcoming comedy Welcome to the Jungle). Now she’s ready to branch out on her own. “I told my dad, ‘I don’t want any help,'” she says. “He’s like, ‘I can help you,’ and I said, ‘No.’ It’s not ego; I want to prove that I can do this.”

Clint Eastwood’s daughter Francesca Eastwood


She may have spent time on various locations of her father Clint’s films, but Francesca-whose mother is actress Frances Fisher-was determined to have a “regular” childhood. “I just wanted to go to school and be a kid,” she says. Now starring in the thriller Final Girl alongside Abigail Breslin and Wes Bentley, the actress, 29, feels the set “is the same as going to your parents’ office building,” she says. “It’s definitely part of my future.”

Harrison Ford’s daughter Georgia Ford


“Who wouldn’t want Jack Ryan as a father?” jokes Georgia, 22, about her gun-toting action star of a dad, Harrison. Just don’t expect the actress, who recently made her debut in the indie film Milkshake, to call in any familial favors. Auditioning for the role “was completely terrifying,” she says. “I’ve always wanted to act because it is the only thing I could do. I suck at everything else. So I just went for it!”