One look at Lourdes (Lola to pals), and it’s clear she is Madonna‘s daughter—in looks, style (see box) and attitude. “She’s a show girl,” Madonna, 50, has said. “She loves to dance, to perform; she’s not shy at all…. She’s very gregarious.” Adds dad Carlos Leon, 42: “She can sing—she has a great voice.”

As for her sense of humor, “she likes making prank phone calls—she gets that from me,” the actor told PEOPLE. Fluent in French and Spanish and learning Hebrew, the middle schooler loves gymnastics and shopping and “is a voracious reader,” according to Mom, who doesn’t let her (or sons Rocco, 8, and David, 3) watch TV. But don’t feel bad for Lourdes: After Madonna and Guy Ritchie, 40, split last fall, the kids moved with her from London to New York City, reuniting Lourdes with Leon. He has admitted, “I spoil her with everything.”


“She’s fearless in the way she puts things together,” says Teen Vogue fashion director Gloria Baume. “It never feels sexy or outrageous—it’s just right.”


“She has a wonderful mind. Her heart is in the right place,” Lisa Bonet, 41, told PEOPLE of her daughter with ex-husband Lenny Kravitz, 44. “A parent couldn’t ask for more.” That said, she admits they “locked horns” when Zoe became interested in showbiz. Who won? Zoe has five movies under her belt and sings in pop-punk-dance band Elevator Fight.

“[My parents] always told me, ‘Don’t get sucked in by the scene—none of it’s real,'” the starlet, who inherited Mom and Dad’s eclectic fashion sense (she loves vintage shopping with best friend actress Olivia Thirlby [Juno], 22), told PEOPLE. “That’s what’s really helped me get this far.”


When she turned up on dad Alec Baldwin’s arm at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in January (“She’s my favorite person in the world to be with,” the actor, 51, told PEOPLE), the world forgot about that highly publicized voicemail he’d left her two years earlier. Instead, fans gasped over the teen’s beauty, which she clearly inherited from her father and Oscar-winning mother Kim Basinger, 55. Ireland has dreamed of being a veterinarian, but acting is always a possibility. “She certainly has the looks to go into the business,” uncle Daniel Baldwin, 48, tells PEOPLE. “She’s very, very bright. I think the world is her oyster.”


Her sweet 16 was a goth-themed party at L.A.’s House of Blues, but don’t make any assumptions about Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s only child. “She’s such a lovely girl, really grounded and fun,” a family friend says of Frances, whose father committed suicide in 1994 and whose mother has battled addiction. Adds a source: “She is very mature. She’s really smart and pretty funny.” (Love, 44, calls her “a brainiac.”)

As a child, Frances played soccer and rode horses; now, the self-professed “girlie girl” is a shoe junkie who buys vintage dresses on eBay and admires burlesque performer Dita Von Teese’s glamorous style. “People are fascinated with me,” she has said, “but I’m not my parents.”


Fans of the reality show Being Bobby Brown may remember her as the energetic tween running through hotels between shopping trips with her parents, Whitney Houston, 45, and Bobby Brown, 42. Four years later, she’s weathered their divorce—plus her own Internet photo scandal—and matured into a focused young woman. “She’s real together,” says half-brother Landon Brown, 22, who keeps up with Bobbi via texts. “She’s calm, down-to-earth and sensitive.”

When she’s not doting on her pet Yorkie, the cheerleader enjoys listening to music by jazz singer Michael BubléLucky for her, Mom has connections, which recently led to the ultimate fan experience. “I hooked up Michael and [Bobbi] on the phone, and it was really cute,” Houston’s longtime producer David Foster tells PEOPLE. “She sounded amazingly happy, polite and sweet.”

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