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Celeb Pumpkin Portraits

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Halloween Wars airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT in October

RIHANNA by carver Chris Soria

“I started by sketching her portrait in washable marker and etching a thin layer using linoleum cutters,” says Soria. “I also scooped out the pumpkin and lit it, allowing Rihanna‘s inner light to shine.”

KIM KARDASHIAN by carver Pam Leno

“Beauty is hard to pull out of a fruit,” says Leno, who spent 10 hours crafting her take on the reality star. “The lips and eyebrows are made out of pumpkin peelings.”

TAYLOR LAUTNER by carver Ray Villafane

“I chose one of the thickest pumpkins I could find,” says Villafane. “That gave me the volume to pull out the features like his unique brow.”

JUSTIN BIEBER by carver Michael Anthony Natiello

“My carving mimics a woodblock print,” says Natiello. “I used printmaking tools to help define the shape and form of his face.”