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December 29, 1997 12:00 PM

Celine Dion singer

“Titanic is my favorite movie. It’s long, but it goes by so fast. You don’t even touch your popcorn and candy—you just forget about it because the movie takes your whole mind. It also takes your heart.”

Lisa Rinna actor

“I like Travelling Without Moving by Jamiroquai. Jay Kay’s the Stevie Wonder of the ’90s.”

Wayne Knight actor

“Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer was chilling.”

Debi Mazar actor

“I liked a Cuban film called Guantanamera. It was a very simple love story—well-written, comedic, dramatic.”

Fran Drescher actor

“The Wings of the Dove—what a romantic and beautiful movie! The scenery was gorgeous, and the plot was bittersweet. I’ve been to Venice, where it’s set, and I loved it.”

Beck Singer

“I really enjoyed the Björk record Homogenic. I never was much of a fan of techno, but I think a lot of people are using the technology a lot more tastefully now and much more musically. So I dig that record.”

Tim Allen actor

“Ellen is my favorite show. I like Ellen personally, and I think she chose a fun way of doing what she did. I like what she did, I just wish she’d done it earlier.”

Zachary Ty Bryan actor

“The Rainmaker was my favorite movie. I love John Grisham’s stuff.”

Wallace Langham actor

“Grosse Point Blank is the only movie I’ve seen twice in a long time.”

Lisa Leslie basketball star

“My favorite movie of 1997 is Face/Off. It is action-packed from beginning to end. The special effects made it so unique.”

Melissa Joan Hart actor

“I like to watch Ally McBeal because I was friends with Calista Flockhart when we did the Off-Broadway show Beside Herself when we were younger. She was like a sister to me!”

David James Elliott actor

“Dannie Brasco wasn’t your typical movie; it operated on many levels.”

Holly McPeak volleyball star

“My favorite TV show is Seinfeld because he chooses funny and real topics that everyone can relate to.”

Magic Johnson basketball star

“Seinfeld never gets old. It keeps me in stitches and keeps me watching.”

Vivian Wu actor

“Seinfeld always makes me laugh out loud and makes me feel good even when I have a bad day.”

Kathy Najimy actor

“Pat the Beastie by Henrik Drescher is my daughter Samia’s, as well as my own, favorite book. It’s a cute book about little bugs and monsters. Wally Langham gave it to her as a present.”

Harry Connick Jr. actor-musician

“I liked Austin Powers. Yeah, baby! How ’bout a shag, baby?”

Sandra Bernhard comedian

“I like Caleb Carr’s new book, Angel of Darkness. It’s really cool.”

Brian Boitano ice skater

“Romances by Luis Miguel is my favorite CD. His music is very sensual.”

Nathan Lane actor

“In the Company of Men was a really powerful movie. Really upsetting, disturbing and provocative, and I loved it.”

Tyson model

“I like Sevens by Garth Brooks. I’m not playing! He’s smooth, he’s suave.”

David Keith actor

“John Fogerty’s Blue Moon Swamp is my favorite CD. He’s better than when he was with Creedence Clearwater Revival.”

Yvette Freeman actor

“I like Politically Incorrect because there are always surprises. You never know who’s going to be on or what they’re going to say.”

Bill Maher talk show host

“if I couldn’t live without one TV show, it would be The Larry Sanders Show. It tickles me.”

Bernadette Peters actor

“The Larry Sanders Show never ceases to amaze me. Gary Shandling is really out there without a net, and I love that!”

Nicole Sullivan comedian

“I have the new LeAnn Rimes album, You Light Up My Life. I never listened to a country album in my life, but I’m in my car, belting, singing backup for LeAnn. Her voice is touched by God.”

Geri Halliwell Spice Girl

“I like Urban Hymns by the Verve. They’re very good.”

Dave Matthews musician

“My favorite CD is Radiohead’s latest, OK Computer. Get it. It’s awesome.”

Mary Lou Retton gymnast

“My favorite TV show is ER—just the drama of it and the fast pace.”

Kathy Mattea country singer

“I loved Contact. I was a physics major in college, and I used to have this theory that there was this whole spiritual side to the sciences. Plus, Jodie Foster’s totally cool.”

Daphne Zuniga actor

“I love the Rosie O’Donnell Show. Every day that I’m home, I turn it on.”

Andy Dick actor

“Space Ghost: Coast to Coast is a cool show. He’s a cartoon character who interviews real guests, and they piece it all together.”

Traci Bingham actor

“Veronica’s Closet is a good comeback for Kirstie Alley. She’s strong and funny and manages to be stylish and feminine at the same time.”

Maureen McCormick actor

“I loved L.A. Confidential. I had no idea what was happening and I loved it.”

Tim Curry actor

“L.A. Confidential is a great film noir. It’s not just an homage, it’s the real thing. It’s smart, beautifully acted, designed and directed. I thought it was dazzling, and I would have killed to be in it.”

Lisa Canning ET reporter

“My favorite movie is L.A. Confidential. I love the style, the clothes, the story. It was very romantic. Kim Basinger is fabulous, and she looked the best I’ve seen her in a long time.”

Luc Robitaille hockey star

“L.A. Confidential was never predictable, and the acting was excellent.”

Dennis Hopper actor

“Bob Dylan’s new album, Time Out of Mind, is the best thing he’s written since the early days. It confronts what we’re dealing with at our age.”

Georgianna Robertson model

“I loved My Best Friend’s Wedding. Julia Roberts and Rupert Everett were really good together.”

Kyle MacLachlan actor

“I’ve come on board late for Law & Order. I’ve really gotten caught up with the characters and the stories.”

Meredith Brooks musician

“Good Will Hunting has a great message about living up to your potential.”

Minnie Driver actor

“The Ice Storm is my favorite movie because of the absolute desolation and brilliance of what is unsaid.”

Matt Damon actor

“I thought The Ice Storm was a very honest portrayal of human drama and human conflict. And the acting was flawless.”

Ralph Fiennes actor

“I loved The ice Storm. It was wonderfully directed. Kevin Kline, Sigourney Weaver and Joan Allen are brilliant actors. And the children’s performances were spectacular.”

Jenna Elfman actor

“Boogie Nights was my favorite movie. I was kind of expecting a hip movie with pretty people dressed in cool ’70s clothes. I had my socks knocked off in the casting, the acting, the directing, the writing.”

Hector Elizondo actor

“Boogie Nights was an excellent movie. It was a morality tale of sorts and a universal story.”

Julia Louis-Dreyfus actor

“I liked Boogie Nights a lot. It captured the hideousness of the ’70s.”

Mark Wahlberg actor

“I thought In & Out was hilarious. Kevin Kline is amazing. It was very honest and heartwarming.”

Tyra Banks model

“I love The Chris Rock Show because it’s a talk show that has no boundaries and anything can be said. Chris is so darn funny!”

Chris Rock comedian

“Wyclef Jean Presents the Carnival is the most intelligent hip-hop album since Public Enemy.”

Kenan Thompson actor

“My favorite movie is Hoodlum. I like it for its history.”

Kel Mitchell actor

“I liked Soul Food. It’s about using food to bring people together. I’m glad I ate before I saw it.”

Veronica Webb model

“Soul Food made me laugh, it made me cry, and I talked about it for a couple of days after.”

Marcia Gay Harden actor

“I liked Bean. Funny, funny, funny.”

Larisa Oleynik actor

“Party of Five is my favorite show. My girlfriends and I get together and watch it. Last week the boys came and it wasn’t as fun, so we kicked them out.”

Erie Stoltz actor

“I liked the movie Shall We Dance? It moved me.”

Jason Marsden actor

“I liked Shall We Dance? It was so charming. It was kind of a modern fairy tale.”

Andrew Keegan actor

“The Full Monty. How hilarious was that? I laughed my head off.”

Danielle Fischel actor

“I loved The Full Monty. It was extremely humorous and full of surprises.”

Will Friedle actor

“South Park is a brilliant show. It pokes fun at everything that is politically correct.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt actor

“My favorite TV show is South Park. It doesn’t take things too seriously, which is nice for a change.”

Carmen Electra actor

“John Travolta. He’s sweet and sexy. And he can dance. I love dancers.”

Ellen DeGeneres actor

“Anne Heche, so that she could be with me when she’s away doing a movie.”

Karen Duffy model

“Frank Sinatra. It’s his world, and I just live in it.”

Tim Meadows comedian

“Bill Murray. He’s the funniest man ever.”

Star Jones talk show host

“Michael Jordan. Every inch of his body is handcrafted by God.”

Nastassja Kinski actor

“Elizabeth Taylor. She’s such a fighter and such a survivor and a beautiful person.”

Robin Williams actor

“Jonathan Winters and Oliver Sacks, because they are two extraordinary people and more of them wouldn’t hurt.”

Kirstie Alley actor

“Will Ro, because he liked everybody. Nobody likes anybody anymore.”

Alicia Witt actor

“Lucille Ball. I never got to meet her and I would love to just shake her hand.”

Isaac Mizrahi designer

“Isabella Rossellini is beautiful inside and out.”

Rider Strong actor

“Poet John Keats. I would like to know what the definitive young romantic would have to say living in a post-existential age.”

Ben Savage actor

“Jonas Salk, because there are so many diseases today that I think he might be able to help eliminate.”

Evander Holyfield boxer

“Martin Luther King Jr. He talked about peace. If you’re going to bring somebody back, bring somebody who’s going to make the world better.”

Leeza Gibbons talk show host

“We need more Stephen Hawkings. He has a great brain and could help us get the answers twice as fast.”

Kate Jackson actor

“Thomas Jefferson. I’d like to see if he’d make any changes to the Declaration of Independence today.”

Larry King talk show host

“Abraham Lincoln. I’d be fascinated with what he thought about all that’s happened in this country since he was President, especially about race relations. ”

Mayor Ed Koch TV judge

Rosie O’Donnell is cool, intelligent and, in her own way, sexy. Most admirable of all is her fundamental decency and goodness.”

Sidney Sheldon author

“Abraham Lincoln was beyond wonderful. I’d also clone Einstein for his accomplishments, Churchill for his character and Joan of Arc for her bravery.”

Salma Hayek actor

“Audrey Hepburn was talented, beautiful and glamorous, and had warmth.”

Jenny McCarthy actor

“Princess Diana. She was pure class, elegance, realism and humanity.”

Sarah Jessica Parker actor

“Princess Diana is someone whose qualities I’d love to see duplicated.”

Sinbad talk show host

Halle Berry. There should be two of her, then I figure I might have a chance with one of them.”

Marilu Henner actor

“Sting! I want my own Sting.”

Julianna Margulies actor

“Patsy Cline. We need another one like her.”

Jennifer Tilly actor

“Buster Keaton. I’m attracted to funny men who are unconventionally good-looking.”

Elisabeth Shue actor

“Myself, so I could get some sleep and take care of my baby at the same time.”

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