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Cat's Entertainment!

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execs must be dog lovers, or else they would have long ago realized that cats are a dream demographic. They’ve got nine lives and, on average, spend 7.3 of them on the living-room couch. Now they have their own half-hour show on the Oxygen channel, with a premiere episode airing through June. Meow TV offers video segments tailored to felines (“Squirrel Alert” is 15 seconds of riveting rodent activity), plus comedy bits (a news story about rehab for catnip addicts) meant to appeal to the other, less important viewers in the house—the ones trained to change the cat litter and operate the remote. Meow TV is hosted by black-haired Stinky and her owner, actress Annabelle Gurwitch, 41. “Stinky’s fantastic,” says Gurwitch. “She only needs a ball of string to keep her happy.” For now, anyway. If Meow TV hits, Stinky will no doubt sign up with an agent come renewal time.