People Staff
November 16, 1998 12:00 PM

And this just in…LOVE-CRAZED GIRLS ATTACK MTV ANCHOR CARSON DALY! Last Summer on location in New Jersey, Daly, 25, had to change hotel rooms regularly to avoid the young women gathered outside chanting his name. And when he leaves MTV’s Manhattan headquarters after taping his daily music-and-interview show Total Request Live, he often has to dodge frenzied fans. What’s all the shrieking about? “His eyes are incredibly truthful—you can get lost in them for days,” says his girlfriend of eight months, Party of Five‘s Jennifer Love Hewitt. “And he’s down-to-earth. He’s a double threat.” Adds Todd Cunningham, an MTV vice president: “He’s today’s version of sexy—he doesn’t have to take his shirt off.”

As if! At Santa Monica High School—where he was devoted to golf, not dating—Daly, 6’2″, recalls, “I was the one girls would sit down with and say, ‘Carson, you’re a great listener…like an older brother.’ It was a dry four years.” But when he came to MTV in 1997—after briefly studying for the priesthood and working as a radio deejay—Daly discovered girls who wanted to do more than talk. “Some of the actresses we had on the show would ask me out,” he says. Yet hen Hewitt appeared as a guest last year, was Daly who was smitten. “She was the lost humble, soft-spoken, gracious, unself-centered person I’d ever met,” he says. As for his own allure, he’s not buying. “I do not mentally feel sexy,” he says. “I’m still waiting to fill out an application to work at The Gap.”

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