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Carrie Underwood: My New Newlywed Life

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The news that Carrie Underwood‘s hockey-player husband, Mike Fisher, was traded to the Nashville Predators in February was good for the newlyweds but bad for the singer’s closet. “First thing, he walks into my closet-it’s mine, right?-and says, ‘I need space,'” recalls the Nashville-based country star, who had been used to a long-distance marriage while Fisher lived in Canada and played for the Ottawa Senators. “I was like, ‘Oh, crap. What am I going to do?'” Seven weeks later, her clothes haven’t budged, and she’s met his continuing request for more space by suggesting he use a guest-room closet. “I’ve never been great at living with someone else,” admits Underwood. “And now he’s my perma-roommate.”

Not that the Grammy winner, 28, is complaining. “It’s fun and interesting,” she says of life with Fisher, 30, whom she wed last July. “It’s obviously been wonderful, and it’s been challenging, and everything in between.” Including busy: She makes her big-screen debut in the new film Soul Surfer (“I was very nervous,” she says). And after taking time off to, as she’s said, “rediscover what it’s like to live in the real world,” she’s gearing up for her fourth album as Fisher winds down his 11th NHL season.

One thing not currently on their agenda? Having a baby. “We’ll get the bug when we get the bug, but we do not have it right now,” says Underwood, who even avoids wearing baggy clothes to prevent any pregnancy speculation. “We wed just under a year ago, so I think we just want to be married and be a couple.”