People Staff
September 20, 1999 12:00 PM

She may make magic on television, but Caroline Rhea, 35, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch‘s zany Aunt Hilda, can’t seem to conjure up any fashion sense on her own. “I just don’t get it,” says VH1 personality Roshumba of Rhea’s thrown-together style. 3rd Rock from the Sun costume designer Melina Root doesn’t either. “I’ve seen worse,” she admits, “but she’s kind of all over the map.” Perhaps the 5’8″ stand-up comedian turned actress should consider taking her wardrobe more seriously. The judges rule that with a little restraint, a little tailoring, a little makeup and a little extra sleep, Rhea could be positively bewitching. “She’s got great skin, a lovely smile, beautiful eyes,” says Audrey Style author Pamela Keogh. “She has great potential, and she’s hiding it all.”

1. “Terrible,” declares A.B.S’s Allen Schwartz of the Tahari crushed-velvet dress and shrug Rhea wore to the Beverly Hills premiere of Meet Joe Black last November. “The top is too pushed out,” critiques designer Pamela Dennis. “She’s a young woman,” author Pamela Keogh says, “and I think this is way too old for her,”

2. Performing at Carolines on Broadway in New York City last fall, Rhea seemed to want to be “classy, conservative, sexy, fun, sporty—all at the same time,” says Roshumba. But Melina Root can relate to Rhea’s familiar-looking getup. “No comment,” she laughs. “I own that outfit, more or less. Everyone in America owns that outfit.”

3. Rhea, catching a plane in L.A. last May, flew straight into a fashion faux pas. “This is okay if you’re just trying on something,” Pamela Dennis chastises, “and not going out in public.” Roshumba figures it must have been a red-eye flight: “She’s a little overwhelmed and exhausted,” she says. “Please,” suggests Keogh, “a little lipstick, a little mascara. I’m sorry, but she looks like a waitress at Howard Johnson’s.”

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