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September 16, 1996 12:00 PM

Susan Sarandon displayed her fashion prowess at designer Todd Oldham’s spring show in Manhattan.

Model Jerry Hall in Hamburg, Germany, last April would never be mistaken for a domestic animal.

I am woman, hear me roar. Susan Lucci made noise in this faux leopard power suit at a Manhattan promotional event for No Nonsense pantyhose.

The coat she wore to the L.A. Sabrina premiere last December “epitomizes movie-star glamor,” says Jennifer Tilly. “It’s a total retro thing.”

Jamie Lee Curtis poured herself into a second skin (python) for L.A.’s MTV Movie Awards in June.

At April’s NAACP Image Awards in L.A., MTV’s Daisy Fuentes wore a tiger print by Pamela Dennis, not Siegfried & Roy.

“It’s very dramatic and fun to wear,” says syndicated gossip columnist Liz Smith of her Scaasi design.

In L.A. last March, Boy George (left) scarfed up attention at a gay awards ceremony, while the E! Network’s Downtown Julie Brown (below) was the cat’s pajamas at the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards.

Mary J. Blige brought home the Big Game Award—the rap performance duo or group trophy—at February’s Grammy ceremony in L.A.

“Every season there’s one print that’s fun to play with. Now it’s zebra,” says Victoria Principal, who hoofed it to the L.A. premiere of The Cable Guy.

Did David Arquette’s invitation to L.A.’s Ace Gallery last fall say exhibition or expedition?

Noah’s Ark—make that Joan Van Ark—welcomed animals that come in pairs at an L.A. AIDS fund-raiser in June. The outfit “is very ‘you Tarzan, me Jane,’ ” she says.

Cameron Diaz navigated her way through the fashion jungle at an L.A. benefit in May.

Call Ace Ventura, pet detective! Somebody’s snake was sighted on Jim Carrey’s fiancée, Lauren Holly, at the February premiere of Beautiful Girls in L.A.

“I’ve been wearing animal prints for over 20 years,” says Tippi Hedren, who accessorized her suit with her pet cheetah Subira at a December promotion for Humane from Hollywood, an animal rights organization.

Meg Ryan dressed to kill for the Hollywood premiere of her summer hit, Courage Under Fire.

“I felt kinda wild and free,” says Striptease’s Pasean Wilson, who wore a different species’ birthday suit to the film’s premiere.

Fran Drescher captured laughs at L.A.’s Comic Relief VII in November.

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