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Bye, Bye Baby Weight

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This is what willpower looks like: When Tori Spelling showed up at her mom Candy’s house for an elaborately catered dinner party, she toted along her own low-cal, portion-controlled meal. (Okay, she did try some of the chef’s offerings: “just the vegetables,” says a source.) By passing on the dessert buffet, Spelling “is on track,” says a spokesman for NutriSystem, the diet food company Spelling is endorsing as she sheds her baby weight. With 22 lbs. gone since her son Liam’s March 13 birth, the reality star/innkeeper, 34, has reached the halfway mark to her pre-pregnancy weight. It hasn’t been effortless. “She had a tough time at first,” says a friend. “She likes her treats.” These days, a splurge is a NutriSystem peanut butter granola bar. Showing support for Team Spelling are her sister-in-law and her son’s nanny, both of whom are on the plan with her. To tone up, she also works out three times a week with trainer Sam Levine, who puts her through a tough mix of cardio, yoga and kickboxing. Still, for all her effort, Spelling appears less impressed by the idea of a flat stomach than by her son’s every gurgle and smile. “It’s amazing,” she says. “I look at him and I’m like, ‘I baked you in my belly!’ I love it.”

SHE’S LOST 22 lbs. SO FAR!


How I lost 17 lbs!

[American Idol]: Great for your career, not always so great for your waistline. During her 12 weeks on Season Five and through the three-month-long Idol tour last year, says runner-up Kellie Pickler, “I didn’t work out at all! I got really lazy and every time I’d walk by the catering table I’d grab a handful of M&Ms or some Twizzlers. I wasn’t even hungry—I’d just eat because it was there. It was junk food heaven!” Before she knew it, the 5’1″ Pickler—who says that pre-Idol she would work out daily and run during the hour that Oprah was on TV—went from 103 lbs. to 125 lbs. “After the tour I’d read in magazines ‘Kellie’s fat!’ It really hurt my feelings,” says the country singer, 21. Before touring on her own (she’s supporting her CD Small Town Girl through October) she resolved to slim down. Now Pickler makes sure her dressing room is stocked with fruit and vegetable platters: “I don’t think you can eat too many vegetables,” she says. She also eliminated most snack food from her diet (pizza at midnight: out; Canadian ketchup chips imported by her boyfriend: still in). Plus, she started working out again. “I’ll run outside or I will play football with the guys in my band or on the bus I’ll lie down and do 100 crunches,” she says. “I instantly noticed a difference in how I feel.” And in how she looks. Now 108 lbs., Pickler says, “I’d still like to be more toned, but I’m trying.” Her advice? “If you don’t like your body, quit complaining! Go to the gym.”