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September 17, 2001 12:00 PM

best hair

A flipped-out DREW BARRYMORE “can look glamorous without using lots of rollers and hairspray,” her hairstylist Chris McMillan told IN STYLE.

Keeping CATHERINE ZETA-JONES‘s raven locks lustrous is a fight to the glossy finish. Her weapon of choice? “My Mason Pearson hairbrush,” she says.

Following her wedding last year to Brad Pitt, JENNIFER ANISTON got a haircut, unwittingly launching yet another copycat craze. But the trendsetting actress wasn’t wild about her shorter layers. “It’s just not me,” she later told Vanity Fair. “I’m taking every horse vitamin there is to make it grow faster.”

Former do-it-yourself dyer KATIE COURIC got her flaxen highlights (and her new coif) at Manhattan’s Louis Licari salon. “You really can tell the difference,” she reports.

Destiny’s Child’s BEYONCE, whose mom styled her Farrah Fawcett tresses for the MTV Movie Awards, makes waves by using a permanent relaxer.

Model KATE MOSS‘s chic pixie cut is “very easy to maintain,” says her hairstylist and pal James Brown. “She washes it, blow-dries and goes.”

Singer MYA’s layers and bangs “give her hair movement when she dances,” says her hairstylist Toni Parker, adding, “the longer her hair, the sleeker she looks.”

bad hair days

London’s Mirror newspaper declared CHRISTINA AGUILERA “the spitting image of [Twisted Sister] glam rocker Dee Snider” when she attended the MTV Movie Awards in pink-streaked leonine curls. Her stylist Trish Summerville reasons, “Christina is entertaining and inspiring, for good or bad.”

ASHLEY JUDD’s flapperesque Oscar do flopped. Her “hair is so fine, the waves didn’t stay and her bangs didn’t swoop,” observes L.A. hairstylist James Kendall, who was not responsible for Judd’s coiffure.

“If you can’t doll up for the Soul Train [Music] Awards, where can you?” asked LEEZA GIBBONS, sporting braids and crimps. But the result was more Boy George than Barbie.

growing, going, gone!

Just hours before appearing on the People’s Choice Awards (and to the dismay of many fans), FAITH HILL had her long golden tresses (1) chopped off and bleached out by LA. hairdresser Peter Savic (2). Six months later the soon-to-be mother of three unveiled a short cut by New York City hairstylist Sally Hershberger (3).

Ask any hairdresser: An extreme hairstyle change is like a neon sign saying, “Post-breakup.” But TOM CRUISE had the Hollywood excuse-he had his long hair (1) buzzed to play a futuristic cop in Minority Report The do made its public debut on the Oscar stage (2). By July the same role demanded a shaved head, leaving him bald for his 39th-birthday party at the Buffalo Club in Santa Monica (3).

fuchsia shock

The Crayola coif EVE wore to the Essence awards “was her idea,” says hairstylist Suzette Boozer, who dyed the rapper’s hair to match the mood of her album Scorpion.

“We wanted windblown, sexy and feminine,” says Alberto Guzman, who styled pop singer PINK’s magenta mop for the MTV Movie Awards. The natural blonde (real name: Alecia Moore), who often dyes her own hair, got her moniker because “when I get em-barrassed: I blush/’ she told Teen magazine in March.

boy blonds

FREDDIE PRINZE JR. lightened up to play a tow-headed Fred in the upcoming Scooby-Doo movie. Having his roots colored, Prinze said, was “not very manly.”

Move over, Justin Timberlake! For some test shots for a movie spoof on boy bands, BEN AFFLECK temporarily said bye bye bye to his dark locks.

When his celebrity ice-hockey team made it to the championship game, Rat Race’s CUBA GOODING JR. got psyched up by going to the bleach.

New York Mets catcher MIKE PIAZZA caught fans off guard when his helmet flew off during a game against the Chicago Cubs to reveal his adventure with peroxide.

According to his agent, golf’s golden boy TIGER WOODS was just having “a little holiday fun” when he briefly indulged his inner blond.

In observance of National Blonde Day, REGIS PHILBIN went positively platinum-for one morning only (thanks to a rinse-out coloring job)-on Live.

slick chicks

At the L.A. premiere of Original Sin, MELANIE GRIFFITH kept things simple with a side-parted ponytail bound with gold elastic and finished with light hairspray. Says her stylist Terri Apanasewicz: “She didn’t have to worry about it all night long.”

Actress CHRISTINA RICCI, who recently wrapped the drama Pumpkin, due out next year, made the rounds at the MTV Movie Awards in a circulation-restricting chignon she pulled together herself.

For an extra-tight hold, Planet of the Apes costar ESTELLA WARREN (at an LA. premiere) used Laurent D gel and a hair tie cut from panty hose. The resulting pony-tail was “sharp and sexy,” says her hairstylist Campbell McAuley.


Wigged out at a Manhattan press event (1), ANGELA BASSETT played it straight with her real hair at the premiere of The Score (2). Two days later she breezed into a movie screening beneath a crop of curly extensions (3).

Hairstylist Janet Zeitoun brushed out JANET JACKSON‘S hair to make it “kinky, bushy and big,” she says, for the American Music Awards (1). She gave the diva silky waves for MTV (2) and did a bang-up job for The Tonight Show (3).

Singer GWENSTEFANI morphed into Marilyn Monroe at the Grammys (1) and ponied up at The Mexican premiere (2), while extensions and “a little headband I found in my sister’s room,” she says, gave her an Ursula Andress effect at a Dolce & Gabbana party (3).

Hairstylist Stephen Knoll crafted DEBRA MESSING’s romantic Golden Globes backsweep (1) to accentuate “her eyes, cheekbones and wonderful neck,” he says. Straightening out for the TV Guide Awards (2), Messing reverted to her rich copper corkscrews at a Will& Grace press event (3). Whatever the event, says her sometime hairdresser Luke O’Connor, “Debra always knows what she wants.”

how these dos were done

Manhattan hairstylist Serge Normant engineered JULIA ROBERTS‘s retro Oscar coif in only 20 minutes with the help of a hair extension. He wrapped Roberts’s own hair around the synthetic piece, giving her more height and a sleek, bouffant finish. The actress’s vintage Valentino “called for something classic,” says Normant, who notes the “full ’60s major couture hairdo” gave Roberts “an Audrey Hepburn quality.”

For the Golden Globes, London hairstylist Kerry Warn made NICOLE KIDMAN‘S hair appear six inches shorter without cutting it. Warn achieved the ‘ “50s Hollywood glamor look,” he says, by flipping Kidman’s naturally curly locks under at the ends and pinning them securely at the nape of her neck. “We thought we would have fun toying with the idea of, ‘How do I look with short hair?’ She loved it!”

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