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[Four Thumbs Up]
Newcomer Spuds MacKenzie took best of breed. He never makes a fashion mistake. Here it’s a classic yachting blazer and white flannels. “Definitely the best-dressed man you’ve shown me,” says Cassini.

[Three Thumbs Up]
Janowitz calls her an “Amish garage mechanic,” but Tammy Faye Bakker still has improved. She has shed at least one layer of mascara and yards of ruffles to look more like Real Folks. Cassini found “nothing wrong” with this plain, nearly Maoist denim jumpsuit—high praise considering her reputation as a one-woman theme park.

[Four Thumbs Down]
Once Joan Collins’ knight in shining amour, Peter Holm is now a lonely guy in a shiny suit that most judges felt he’d outgrown. Ford calls the outfit “just ridiculous.” Janowitz says Holm looks like “a Vegas piano-bar singer or third-rate gangster. One has to admire the splendid hideous-ness of it.” C’mon, Joan, spring for one more suit.