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August 13, 2007 12:00 PM


Trainer Gunnar Peterson doesn’t believe in working out for a fleeting moment, then letting yourself go. “What are you going to do, say, ‘Please snap the photo! Now I’m going downhill?'” So in the nine years he’s worked with Jennifer Lopez, have you ever seen her looking, well, less than fabulous? Still, even she has times when she wants to crank it up. With a new film, El Cantante, to promote, a tour, and a new album this fall, Lopez has been meeting with Peterson for hour-long sweat sessions six days a week. (Unlikely secret location: a track on Staten Island, N.Y.) There, Lopez, 38, alternates sprints and distance-runs with strength training. To maintain her famously curvy derriere, Peterson devised “clock lunges” with Lopez stepping out to the angle of each hour. To emphasize her hourglass shape, he prescribes pull-ups. As for diet, he says Lopez is smart: She doesn’t use exercise as a pass to pig out. “The workout is like a really good lawyer,” he jokes. “But if you constantly commit [diet] felonies, you’re going to do time.”


Less than three months after giving birth to a son, Dezi James, My Name is Earl’s Jaime Pressly already fits back in her character’s Daisy Duke cutoffs. “I’ve been in the gym since Dezi was 10 days old,” says the 5’5″ actress, who put on 40 lbs. during her pregnancy. With permission from her doctor, Pressly, 30, started with core exercises, boxing and cardio five days a week. “She boxes without gloves,” says her trainer Mike Jones. “Once her hand started bleeding. She said, ‘No, let’s finish!’ She’s a tough lady.” To shake off the last 10 lbs. of baby weight, Pressly is on a high-protein diet. Now that her role on Earl has nabbed her an Emmy nod, filling those shorts remains a priority. Says Jones: “She doesn’t want to lose her butt.”

“I’m hating that I did that to my mouth…. I just want the mouth God gave me back. It was perfectly cute and I had nice big lips.”

—COURTNEY LOVE, blogging about why she may see a doctor for more revisions

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