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November 05, 2007 12:00 PM

JILL SCOTT’S Weight Roller Coaster

Last year, Jill Scott dropped 28 lbs., a result of the long bike rides she had started taking to relax. This February she was thrilled to begin filming her first major movie role in Why Did I Get Married? But then director Tyler Perry asked the singer-actress to put on 30 lbs.—and wear a fat suit. So Scott, 35, undid her weight loss achievement.

How did you feel when Tyler asked you to gain weight?

My heart dropped. I was happy in my new size-12 jeans. They needed me to be an 18. I was happy to have the role, but there was sadness.

How did you do it?

I stopped riding my bike. And ate. A Philly cheesesteak is a joyous occasion!

Your costar Janet Jackson is a veteran yo-yoer. Did you talk about it?

We talked about the different responses from people when I was in the fat suit—there was such pity in their eyes.

Did you pick up diet tips?

I did notice that when the cast ate out, she had her own food delivered—salmon, salad.

What happened after the shoot?

I would walk for 90 minutes. In a few weeks I’d lost 13 lbs.

Director Anthony Minghella told you to put it on for The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency.

Back to the cheesesteak shop!

You’re starting to slim down again.

I’ve dropped 10 lbs. I’d be happy to be a size 14. I just want to feel good.

Too Much Flesh for Bones?

It was creative differences,” insists a DreamWorks exec, on why Ryan Gosling, 26, will no longer star in The Lovely Bones. But did those differences stem from the fact that Gosling—who reportedly put on 20 lbs. to appear believable as the father of a teen—saw the character as heavy, while director Peter Jackson pictured him much leaner? An L.A. Times report says Jackson thought the actor had gotten too heavy. Gosling was replaced Oct. 21 by Mark Wahlberg (inset), 36, who is not expected to bulk up before shooting.



‘I’m working out, trying to diet. It’s mostly not eating as much, especially late at night. The bread is the thing. Just lay off the bread’

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