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Body After

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1 baby

Britney Spears
“My mom said after she had my brother that was the best her body had ever looked,” Spears told PEOPLE in June. “Having a child inspired her.” Spears, who gave birth to Sean Preston on Sept. 14, is already getting back in shape.

2 babies

Christine Taylor

“I spend so much time running after [3-year-old daughter] Ella, I’m not thinking about [losing weight],” says Taylor, who gave birth to son Quinlin July 10. Her pregnancy did jumpstart a healthier diet, though: “I craved cottage cheese.”

Angie Harmon

After giving birth to daughters Finley, 2, and Avery, 4 months, Harmon learned, “It’s not about starving yourself. It’s about listening to your body.”

Rachel Griffiths

Two months after giving birth to Adelaide on June 23, Griffiths hit the beach in a bikini. How did she make that happen? “Rachel has been doing yoga for five years,” says her instructor Mark Blanchard. “Six weeks after the baby she was back to movie weight.” Not like the last time, says the Six Feet Under star, whose son Banjo is 23 months. “I thought after you had the baby your tummy would just go down. I remember going, ‘What’s this deflated, wobbly thing?'” Meals of fish, chicken and vegetables helped get the wobbles under control.

3 babies

Victoria Beckham

“Victoria eats healthily,” a friend says of the former Posh Spice. “She eats loads of fruits and vegetables, and has chicken and fish; no red meat.” The mother of Brooklyn, 6, Romeo, 3, and Cruz, 8 months, also nixes coffee and tea. As for working out? “She doesn’t exercise at all,” says the friend.

Sara Evans

One lesson Evans got from pregnancy: “It’s not necessary to eat as much as most of us do,” says the country singer, who put on 55 lbs. with her first child, Avery, 6, then lost 70. Her next two kids, Olivia, 2, and Audrey, 1, were each a quick 40 lbs. on and off. “Now I wait for my stomach to growl before I eat.”

4 babies

Holly Robinson Peete

While pregnant with Roman, born Feb. 25, Peete decided, “It’s my last baby; I’m going to eat my carbs,” says the star of UPN’s Love, Inc. She gained 50 lbs., less than when she carried twins Ryan and Rodney, 8, or son Robinson, 3. But at age 41, losing it was harder. Peete used Pilates, the treadmill and a Zone-diet-based meal delivery program for three months to return to 125 lbs. “It was a huge lesson in willpower,” says Peete, whose husband, Rodney, was less appreciative of the effort. “He says, ‘You don’t have any booty! It’s gone!’ ”

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