Charlotte Triggs and Bryan Alexander
August 04, 2008 12:00 PM

Despite baring all for her art (see her 2003 nude turn in Calendar Girls), Helen Mirren refuses to call herself a sex symbol. But what else to call a 63-year-old who can still rock a teeny, weeny red-hot bikini? And how to explain how the Oscar-winning star of The Queen stays so fit? She’s admittedly no gym buff, but “I’m just like everybody else—I’m always on a diet!” she told USA Weekend last year. Yet Mirren isn’t afraid to enjoy the occasional hamburger or glass of champagne; she just does so in moderation. “I’ve never done anything to excess,” she told PEOPLE. “I’ve never drunk or eaten too much. It helps to stay balanced.” Remaining bikini ready when your peers are in muumuus is just an added bonus.

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