People Staff
May 14, 2001 12:00 PM

She appears onstage in outfits ranging from skimpy to skimpier. But Destiny’s Child lead singer Beyoncé Knowles “was kind of a chubby kid until age 10,” her mother, Tina, 47, says, and the 5’6″ star still doesn’t see herself the way others do. “Every day I find something wrong,” says Knowles, 19. “If I could make changes, my legs would be more muscular, I’d have a six-pack, and my waist would be smaller.” The Houston native also hates her ears. “I used to get teased because they were bigger than my head!” she says. “Now people don’t notice them.” They’re too busy looking at what bandmate Kelly Rowland calls “her exotic eyes, full lips and small nose” that complement the trendsetting hairdos created by Knowles’s mother, the group’s stylist. (Her father, Mathew, 49, manages the trio.) “In teen magazines,” says band member Michelle Williams, “they all want to look like Beyoncé.” But despite her rising profile—she stars this month on MTV’s hip-hop remake of the opera Carmen, and the group just released its third album, Survivor—Knowles resists the diva label. “I have many insecurities,” she says. “I think they keep you humble.”

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