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Beyoncé Knowles / Ryan Seacrest

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Beyoncé Knowles

To play the lead in the film adaptation of the Broadway smash Dreamgirls, Knowles, 24, subjected herself to bushy eyebrows, frumpy suits and unflattering ’60s-style wigs.

THE RESULT: Total transformation (“Very not cute,” she told reporters)—and a bit of self-revelation about what life might have been like if she hadn’t been born beautiful. “To be honest,” she said, “I feel people would have acknowledged my talent a lot more.”

Ryan Seacrest

Not everyone can juggle four grueling hosting jobs. “Oh yeah, I’m obsessive-compulsive,” says Seacrest, 31. That explains a few things:

“Before I leave the house I have to see if there is something in my teeth. I check all the time.”

“I’m obsessed with hair in the ear or in the nose. And I’m obsessed with fresh breath.”

“My whole left side is my worst feature. I always try to turn around so people don’t face my left side.”

“Everything in my house stays to the right,” he says jokingly. “If you have dinner at my house, you have to sit to my right.”