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Behind the Scenes of Hannah Montana

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One thing’s for sure: The Hannah Montana cast loves to hug! “There’s a hug line at the beginning of every show, and everyone gets a hug at the end of the show,” says executive producer Steven Peterman. “It’s like family.” But minus the bickering. “There’s no competition on our set,” says Miley. “We all laugh at each other’s jokes.” The stars do get serious on Fridays before taping in front of a live audience. “When we have a few minutes backstage,” says Billy Ray, “Miley will call us together and say a blessing.” Then, once the cameras start to roll, almost anything can happen. In fact—spoiler alert!—next season “Hannah’s going to have a boyfriend,” says executive producer Michael Poryes. “But probably more than one!”


Bright pink, bob or bouffant—Miley sports some hair-raising looks on the show

Miley gets dolled up like Dolly Parton.

Hannah Montana goes zombie.

A dreaded look Hannah tries on before going blonde.

Lola? Nope, that’s Hannah after trading looks with her pal.

Miley channels Marie Antoinette for Rico’s art project.

HANNAH’S famous faces

Celebs reveal how being on Hannah has rocked their world

The star’s daughter Rowan, 5, brags to pals: “My mom’s Hannah Montana’s mom but she’s my mom in real life,” says Shields.

When she told her daughter Ava, 10, she was cast as Lilly’s mom, “she screamed and called her friends,” says Locklear.


His episode hasn’t aired yet, but “my 10-year-old son [Joseph] told his class, so now he’s king of the fourth grade,” says Romano.


After starring as Hannah’s rival Mikayla’s manager, “I got lots of street cred with 7-year-olds!” says Manheim.


She’s known as Aunt Dolly to Hannah Montana and Miley in real life. “I’m proud that she calls me her honorary godmother,” says Parton.