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Beauties & Their Beasts

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Jewel & Poppy

The singer, 31, shares a 2,100-acre Texas ranch with boyfriend Ty Murray, 36, a retired rodeo champ, and 16 horses.

ON EQUINE BEAUTY: “There is such sorrow and grace and dignity in a horse’s eyes. But judging a horse on beauty is like judging a date on beauty. They may disappoint you because looks fade quickly. The main thing is watching their minds develop.”

ON DRAWING INSPIRATION FROM RIDING: “Nature always makes me feel beautiful. It always has a big effect on my creativity.”

ON COMPARING HERSELF TO HER HORSES: “I think all their teeth look better than mine!”

Matthew McConaughey & Foxy

So how did the Sexiest Man Alive, 36, hook up with Foxy? “My nephew’s wife is a veterinarian, and I had asked her to keep an eye out for heelers [Australian Cattle Dogs],” he says. “She found one 2 months old that needed a home, so I drove to Texas to meet her. I liked her, she looked like a fox, I named her Foxy and drove back to Los Angeles with her. I like that she’s part dingo, so she’s wild. At the same time, she’s smart enough to understand English. She’s also a great athlete and incredibly active, but she knows how to be cool when it’s time to chill. She makes me laugh when she tries to get away with something that she knows that I know she knows better.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt & Charlie

GENDER BENDER: “He is actually a she,” says the Ghost Whisperer star of her 1-year-old King Charles Spaniel. “She is named after the perfume and my love for Peanuts’ Charlie Brown.”

QUEEN OF CLEAN: “She likes when I give her a bath,” says Hewitt, 27. “She’s completely still while I put the soap on her and rinse her. She loves the blow-dryer. She tries to kiss it and rub on it.”

MOMENT OF TRUTH: “The other morning I let Charlie out and she ran across the street. These paparazzi snapped me running after her with boxer shorts on, blemishes, my hair up. What was I going to do? They caught me living my life.”

Amerie & Jean-Pierre

“I wash him myself,” the 28-year-old R&B star says of her 3-year-old Yorkie, nicknamed JP. “There’s a shampoo that I use that I got at Body Beautiful. He doesn’t like it too much, but afterward I use the hair-dryer and he’ll lick me. His butt is curly, so I have to brush it out. I sometimes trim his hair around his feet and stuff like that. A clean dog is a happy dog. If he’s not clean, he’s not sitting on my lap. But when he’s clean, he’s so cute and fluffy.”

Adrien Brody & Ceelo & Lolly

“They have reminded me about what’s most important to me,” the King Kong star, 33, said of his two Chihuahuas. “They give me a sense of centeredness I crave. Especially after winning the Academy Award [for 2002’s The Pianist], the world’s perception of me has really changed. But no matter what, your pets will never judge you.”

Jenna Fischer & Andy

“He has been my best buddy since I was 18,” says Fischer, 32, about her 14-year-old rescued feline, “and he doesn’t care if I am on a TV show [as receptionist Pam Beesly on NBC’s The Office] or if I am red-carpet ready or in my sweats. He just likes it when I’m there. My cat is very complimentary. My husband [screenwriter James Gunn, 39] thinks it’s one of the weirdest things that in my imagination, Andy’s always telling me, ‘You go get ’em.’ It’s having a dedication to something other than yourself that makes you feel more beautiful.”