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Back in Uniform

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Before she put her earthly allure to work on Sex in the City, Cattrall melded minds (translation: “got busy” telepathically) with Mr. Spock. As the Vulcan Valeris in 1992’s Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, “I get to have safe sex with Leonard Nimoy,” she told PEOPLE at the time. Her officer’s uniform was such a hit, the design appeared in a future film, though Cattrall did not.


Janssen was cast as an empathic metamorph just a day before shooting a 1992 episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, requiring costumer Robert Blackman to whip up this chiffon frock at warp speed. “This is my favorite,” he says. “I like what we were able to achieve in 24 hours. It’s complicated and beautiful.”

Collectors, says Christie’s Cathy Elkies, have wept at the prospect of owning Captain Picard’s flute. And some Trekkie may become the proud owner of an 8-ft.-long model of the Enterprise (estimated price: $25,000). But for TV viewers who feel more at home on Wisteria Lane than in the final frontier, the gown Teri Hatcher donned for a 1998 Star Trek: The Next Generation guest spot may be the most appealing of the 4,000 items in the three-day sale.

In 1993, a year before her breakout role in Interview with the Vampire, an 11-year-old Dunst charmed Trekkies as the alien girl Hedril on Star Trek: The Next Generation. On the block for young fans: her costume, Starfleet onesies worn by child actors, a futuristic rocking horse and a blue-faced doll with iridescent clothing.


It may have fit like a glove, but the Lycra jumpsuit Ryan’s Seven of Nine wore on Star Trek: Voyager was anything but comfortable. Built with a rigid corset, it was tough to peel off for bathroom breaks. “And the post-lunch midriff bulge was always apparent,” laughs the former Borg, happy to be a mere human in CBS’s new drama Shark. “It was not very forgiving.”


Dressing as lounge hostess Guinan for Star Trek: The Next Generation “was like going to work in my pajamas,” says Goldberg, now host of the radio show Wake Up with Whoopi.