People Staff
May 06, 1996 12:00 PM

ALTHOUGH MOTHER NAOMI AND SISTER WYNONNA HAVE A corralful of hits, Ashley Judd’s favorite country song should be Buck Owens’s “Act Naturally.” Abandoning Kentucky six years ago, Ashley, 28, hit the highway for Hollywood. Her only baggage: the Judd determination and the Judd genes. With her lustrous locks, hazel eyes and lush curves, the University of Kentucky Phi Beta Kappa two-stepped right into a slot on the 1991 season of Sisters and lately held her own with Robert De Niro in Heat. Judd and friends agree on her best feature. Says childhood pal Gabrielle Belkin, an L.A. homemaker: “She has the softest skin you’ll ever touch. It’s like my 2-year-old’s.” To keep it that way, the 57″, 125-lb. actress uses Mom’s trick of scrubbing her face with really hot water and moisturizing her body with Cetaphil lotion. You can take the Judd out of the country, but can you get the country out of the Judd? Ashley says she still feels prettiest “in some kind of old nightgown, with bare feet and painted toes.”

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