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Arquette Family

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Today on Oprah: Siblings who can’t stop dressing up! “It’s obviously genetic,” marvels Village Voice pop-scene commentator Michael Musto of the Arquettes. “I admire their daring even as I flee in horror.” Well, they can be kind of startling, embracing as they do every cutting-edge fashion trend all at once. Rosanna, 35, mixes velvet, a bare midriff and a metallic cross. Fond of themes, sister Patricia, 26, once admitted, “To clean my house, I’ll dress up like a cowgirl.” Brother David goes in for grunge ‘n’ poses, while brother Alexis (not pictured), who plays drag character Eva Destruction in nightclubs, once pretended he was Patricia (in a copy of the hooker outfit she wears in the movie True Romance) to judge a fashion show. Are they ready for family fashion therapy?