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And in This Corner...

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FOR THOSE WHO CANT GET ENOUGH OF hair-pulling socialites, it was a splendid kickoff contretemps for 1992. The setting was a Jan. 2 bash thrown at the Aspen Club Lodge by German Prince Heinrich Hanau-Schaumburg for friends, including Ivana Trump, Barbra Streisand and George Hamilton. At about 10:30 P.M., the Prince’s 250 guests were stunned by the sight of Maria Victoria Osmeña—the wealthy granddaughter of onetime Philippine President Sergio Osmeña—with blood streaming down her beautiful face. Someone, it seemed, had struck her with a champagne glass, and the perp was none other than Ratna Sari Dewi Sukarno, 53—a former bar hostess whose late husband was Indonesia’s first President. By the end of the evening, Osmeña, 43, had received 37 stitches at Aspen Valley Hospital; Sukarno (in a full-length sable and diamond earrings) was in the slammer, and tout Aspen was dishing about the bout.

Sukarno intimates, including columnist Cindy Adams, said the confrontation was no surprise: Osmeña, ex-wife of Carnation heir Dwight Stuart, is one of Sukarno’s enduring enemies. “There has been backstabbing for a long time,” says Adams. “Dewi told me, ‘This lady has always been jealous of me.’ ” According to Adams, hard feelings about Ferdinand Marcos (who defeated Osmeña’s father in a 1969 Philippine election) may have added to the tension. Osmeña reportedly loathes Marcos’s widow, Imelda, who is one of Sukarno’s pals.

The peripatetic Osmeña (whom friends call Minnie) concedes that she and Sukarno had quarreled in the past. “I knew she didn’t like me,” she says. But Osmeña insists she said nothing to Dewi at Hanau’s soiree before Dewi approached and “broke the glass on top of my eye.” Sniffs Osmeña: “She says I called her a whore. I probably would have, but I didn’t have time.”

Released on $5,000 bail after being charged with second-degree assault, the New York City-and Paris-based Sukarno claimed that it was “insanity to believe that I would have tried to harm [Osmeña].” Her glass, she asserted, had simply “gone flying” when an angry Osmeña grabbed her hand. Round 2 for the scrapping socialites begins on Feb. 3, when the accused is due at the Pitkin County Courthouse to plead. Regardless of what happens in court, Osmeña plans to sue. Like the legendary slope-side face-off between Ivana and Maria Maples in 1990, this Aspen melee may be just the plasma-spattered opening round in a battle of social-scene heavyweights.