People Staff
August 31, 2009 12:00 PM

Brooke Burke + David Charvet + Neriah + Sierra + Heaven Rain + Shaya

In March 2008, the season 7 champ of Dancing with the Stars, 37, and her actor fiancé, 37, added a boy, Shaya, 17 months, to their brood of three girls, Neriah, 9, Sierra, 7, and Heaven Rain, 2.

David: I like that there is a little more testosterone. Having all these girls around me was a little difficult. Especially for the electrical bill, when all the hair dryers would go on at once!

Brooke: I am super-close with my girls, but I have always wanted to have a son, and I was committed to keep on going until I got him.

David: There is a really strong connection between Shaya and me. He is very deep when he looks at you.

Brooke: Three was much easier. Four rocked my world because two of them are young enough that they absolutely need me at all times. There is a lot of action, and it’s a lot busier. We all help.

David: It’s very, very hard, because there is always somebody that needs something.

Brooke: Like, you know that date we wanted to go on? We’re too tired. A lot of couples have date night—but they don’t have four kids!


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