People Staff
August 31, 2009 12:00 PM

Alison Sweeney + Dave Sanov + Benjamin + Megan

On Jan. 12, the Biggest Loser host, 32, and her husband, a California Highway Patrol investigator, 36, gave son Ben, 4, a baby sister, Megan.

Dave: Now that we have a girl, I never guessed that she’d be so different from a boy. Ben reacts to airplanes, funny noises and crazy faces.

Alison: Megan loves sparkly, little-girl things. And I swear, Dave agrees you could change her outfits 15 times in a day and she’d be happy!

Dave: When Ben got his first look at Megan, he couldn’t stop smiling.

Alison: Before she was born, Ben picked out her pacifiers, so he feels in charge of her and responsible.

Dave: The age difference is going to be perfect: They will be young enough to play with each other, but old enough not to be at odds with each other.

Alison: Ben had just gotten to the age where you don’t have to take so much stuff with you anymore—you know, a couple of toys in my purse. Now we’re starting all over again with Megan.

Dave: Thank God Megan’s got Ali’s good looks.

Alison: And both my kids are total cheese balls in front of the camera. I know they get that from me!

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