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And Baby Makes ... 3

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Laila Ali + Curtis Conway + Curtis Jr.

The former boxer, 31, and her sports broadcaster husband, 38, welcomed their first child, Curtis Jr., also called CJ, on Aug. 26, 2008.

Laila: Our relationship now is so different. We used to enjoy going to the movies and dinner, but now, having the baby, it’s easy to forget to take time for yourself.

Curtis: We can’t just get up and go. Our time outside of the house really has to be planned.

Laila: But we’re not missing anything. The only problem is, I’m tired all the time. So as soon as I get free time, I want to go to sleep.

Curtis: Laila is very attentive to him. He has a certain whine for one thing, a certain cry for another. She automatically picks up on what it is.

Laila: He is very feisty, and he knows what he wants. You don’t have to guess with him.

Curtis: I love getting on the floor with him. I love him slobbering over me. We wrestle.

Laila: I definitely want more kids. But I’m going to wait until my son is about 3—so he can get me a diaper when I need one!