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American Idol Tour Scrap Book

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“I love touring,” Chris Daughtry (onstage) says. “You get to hang with people you know.”

“You’ve officially been princessed!” said Paris Bennett, who celebrated her 18th birthday with the other Idols at home in Minnesota Aug. 21.

“I never thought I would give an autograph on a parking ticket.” —Ace Young (with a local cop after a 3 a.m. run to a Belmont, N.C., Waffle House)

Every gig, “it’s nice to look out in the stands and see everyone who voted for us,” says Kellie Pickler.

“There’s fun moments, then there’s moments when you can’t wait to get off. The bus smells really weird!” —Katharine McPhee

“I could get used to this,” says Taylor Hicks (in the Cross Hall at the White House), who gave the President a Soul Patrol T-shirt.

“Just another day hanging out with my sisters in the White House.”
—Kellie Pickler (right, with Mandisa, Lisa Tucker and Paris Bennett)

Look, the White House

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