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June 06, 2005 12:00 PM


Don’t be fooled by the “Born to Be Wild” look—insiders on the Idol set say Bo Bice constantly repeated the sentence “I’m the biggest dork” before taking the stage.

He refused to cut his hair, but Bo didn’t ignore the show’s stylists. The practical joker smeared gel on flatiron handles and glued hair-spray bottles together.

Not only is Recipe for Flavor, the new CD by Bo’s band (Sugar Money), selling on the Web, toast bearing his likeness is up for auction on eBay (highest bid so far: $1.75).

His mom objected, but the singer’s flip-flops-with-suit combo was a hit with Idol’s stylists. “If it’s good enough for [Mötley Crüe singer] Vince Neil,” says one, “it’s good enough for Bo Bice.”

Busted for cocaine in a Huntsville, Ala., strip club in ’01—charges were later dismissed—he found religion and has performed at Bikefest, a church outreach program aimed at bikers.

Famed for wearing sunglasses under the bright lights, Bo wore seven different pairs during the show, most by Persol. “Now I have to work a deal with them,” says Idol stylist Miles Siggins.

He says he inherited his talent from his parents. “My mom [sang] on the Grand Ole Opry. My father played guitar and banjo.”

A prodigy, he began writing songs on the piano at 14 but had never taken a lesson.

Fan club name: The Bice Squad


On Idol, Carrie Underwood specialized in Nashville hits. But offstage she practices songs by Green Day on the guitar. Another favorite? Courtney Love’s former band Hole.

While other finalists loved getting their toenails done, she loathes having anyone touch her feet. In fact the Checotah, Okla., native has never had a pedicure.

She’s available. Since saying hello to Hollywood, Carrie broke up with her boyfriend from back home.

This wasn’t her first trip to the finals. Carrie was first runner-up in the ’03 Miss Northeastern State University pageant. Yes, she won the talent competition.

A vegetarian, she’s got a soft spot for some carnivores. “She’s seen Jurassic Park 15 times,” says childhood pal Jordan Vandiver.

Despite meeting tons of celebs during Idol, only one act made her swoon: country band Rascal Flatts. “She nearly fainted,” says a show insider.

A sister of Sigma Sigma Sigma, she quarterbacked her college sorority’s touch football squad.

One talent she didn’t display on Idol: “Carrie can also yodel pretty darned well,” says a pal.

Was the force with her? After seeing Star Wars: Episode III-Revenge of the Sith, “she kept talking about how hot Anakin [Hayden Christensen] was,” says Vandiver.

Fan Club Name: The Care Bears

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