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Allman Comes Alive: Gregg Has a New Lp And, While He and Cher Are Split, a Companion

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To cop a lyric from Freddie Fender’s country hit, it’s easier—since Cher and Gregg Adman’s third split—to know who’s living it up than who’s living it down. They’re still technically married, but Gregg’s been diverted in the interim by Barbara Bradley, an old high school honey from Daytona Beach, Fla. Their friendship rekindled, according to associates, during Allman’s recent trip South to visit his mom.

Indeed, Gregg’s been uncustomarily extraverted of late, helping Capricorn Records promote his new LP, Playin’ Up a Storm. At one press preview keyboardist Allman even arrived with an acoustic guitar in his free hand and picked out a song or two. The LP has some fine rock, pained blues and Gregg’s easily identifiable growl, and it may win him back some of the lost following since his testimony in his roadie’s drug trial precipitated the final breakup of the Allman Brothers Band last summer. The other ABB splinters—Dickey Betts (guitar) and Sea Level (the keyboardist, drummer and bassist)—have already cut solo LPs as well as toured the Southern boogie circuit. And so will Gregg, but the road he’s about to hit is in Japan. His U.S. tour fell through because of a delayed release of the LP and personnel shake-ups. (Domestic fans can check out the new group, though, on NBC’s Midnight Special June 10.)

Except for visitations to his son, Elijah Blue, now 11 months, Gregg’s left the Beverly Hills mansion he once Cher’ed, and is nesting with Barbara in a two-bedroom apartment below Sunset Boulevard.