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All-Star Season

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“Every time I come to something like this, it reminds me I’ve been around long enough to deeply appreciate it” –BEN AFFLECK ON AWARDS SHOWS

“As a brand-spankin’ or Spanxing new mom, I keep using the cliche ‘It takes a village.’… it means everything to be here with my buddies, my cast” –CLAIRE DANES

“It’s fun. I can pull it together a few times a year. Usually I’m just telling myself to stand up straight” –TINA FEY ON TRANSFORMING FOR THE RED CARPET

“I think I had about 30 tuxes, but I just gave half of them away. My wife [Hilaria] made me give up sugar, and I lost 35 lbs.” -ALEC BALDWIN ON HIS FASHION EVOLUTION

“I feel the same way in all of these occasions. Mostly we’re traveling as a group, as fellow nominees. The worst thing that can happen to you is some kind of expectation” -DANIEL DAY-LEWIS

“Just smile and try to do it quickly. And when a movie star like Reese Witherspoon comes in, just back away” -JULIE BOWEN ON WALKING THE RED CARPET

“We got to put on quite a bit of makeup, and we don’t really get that on Downton. It’s really exciting to get all dressed up and go out together” -SOPHIE McSHERA (IN YELLOW GOWN)