People Staff
January 10, 2005 12:00 PM

AGE 29

HOMETOWN Buenos Aires, Argentina

LATEST GIG Jennifer Garner‘s long-lost half sister—and fellow spy—on Alias

•Current events: As anew Alias regular on its fourth season, Maestro has mastered the show’s signature stunts but still struggles to keep her giggles in check. When she and Garner were caught in a Pacific Ocean current during a recent scuba scene, “we were exhausted,” she says, “but couldn’t keep from cracking up.”

•Mission accomplished: Maestro charmed her way into an appointment-only audition for the 1998 Argentine drama Tango—and got the part. “I didn’t know anything about the business,” she says, “so you have no shame.” Last year she played Ché Guevara’s girlfriend in The Motorcycle Diaries. In Hollywood, where she moved in 1999, she has become a master of disguise: “I can change my accent easily and play Latin or European.”

•Playing it safe: The actress is just as daring off-camera, tackling boxing, deep-sea fishing and scuba diving. “I wouldn’t say I’m extremely adventurous,” says Maestro, who lives with screenwriter boyfriend Ned Benson, 27. “I’m safely adventurous.”

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