People Staff
July 18, 1991 12:00 PM

Three marriages, snakebite-bad reviews, the Betty Ford Center—”She’s been through all the things that make people bitter and old,” says her race-driver friend, Danny Sullivan. “But not her. She’s earned her beauty.” MacGraw herself thinks she “Looks faintly like a college girl gone wrong,” but she still lights up with what Candice Bergen calls “all that intelligence and generosity and energy and sexiness” that the nation fell in love with in Goodbye, Columbus and Love Story. Though briefly a model, MacGraw says, “I never got a sense of beauty in me. What I might have is style.” The daughter of artists, she is a former fashion stylist and still prima decorator. These days MacGraw relies on “the gym to take care of gravity, and yoga for my soul…. Beauty is not seductive if it is hollow. Beauty is about spirit and being alive.”

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