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After Nearly Drowning Last Summer, Duran Duran's Simon Le Bon Tests Matrimonial Waters

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The bride wore gray, the groom baggy pants and spiked hair. It was the first marriage for rock superstar Simon Le Bon, 26, of Duran Duran, and model Yasmin Parvaneh, 21, and they were determined to keep it simple. “The fiasco of public weddings like Madonna‘s annoys me,” Le Bon had said a few months ago. “It takes away from the gravity of what’s happening. That’s why we’ll be doing it quietly.”

Some three dozen relatives and friends (including all fellow Durans except John Taylor, who had a previous commitment) were on hand for the 15-minute ceremony in the registrar’s office in Oxford, England, the bride’s hometown (her father is Iranian). Afterward, the guests gathered at a nearby hotel, drank champagne and dined on smoked salmon and roast lamb.

Le Bon, who nearly died when his yacht capsized in a race off England last August, met Parvaneh about 18 months ago. Le Bon called Yasmin, whom he had seen only in magazines, and invited her to a movie premiere. “It was a really rock star thing to do,” he later admitted. At first, Yasmin thought it was a joke—and hung up. Le Bon persisted, although it didn’t get serious until they met in Paris last spring. “There is something special about Paris in the spring,” says Le Bon. “The fires of passion began to burn in a big way,” agrees Yasmin.

Simon and Yasmin will live in Le Bon’s newly built $3.5 million home in the ritzy Knightsbridge section of London. But first came the honeymoon in Scotland and the south of France. Next on the itinerary was a trip to New Zealand to join the crew of Le Bon’s yacht, Drum, for the final two legs of a round-the-world race. There were rumors that Yasmin was pregnant, but the newlyweds declined to comment. “I love him so much,” she sighed. Said Le Bon: “She’s the most wonderful girl in the world.” Just for the record, he calls her “Pebbles,” because when she pulls her hair back, it reminds him of a character in The Flintstones.