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May 08, 2006 12:00 PM

George Clooney

RECTANGULAR FACE: A sign of leadership skills.

THICK EYEBROWS: They indicate a strong nature. But the lines between the brows show a hidden frustration, impatience or anger.

TINY LINES AROUND THE EYES: A sign that he has enjoyed lots of laughter in life.

UPTURNED CHIN: He can be stubborn.

Reese Witherspoon

BROAD AND HIGH FOREHEAD: Signifies imagination and creativity.

BROWS WITH LITTLE ARCH: Typical of a person who thinks things through before acting.

EARLOBE ATTACHED TO FACE: Indicates she is deeply attached to family.

NARROW CHIN: A sign of a person who needs privacy and time to herself. Its pointiness means she can be very emotional.

THE FACE READER: Angi Ma Wong is a Los Angeles-based face analyst and feng shui practitioner and the author of 25 books, including Feng Shui Dos and Taboos. “The Chinese have been practicing face analysis as long as they’ve been practicing traditional Chinese medicine,” she says. “It’s an integrated philosophy.”

Keira Knightley

WARM GLOW IN EYES: Signals someone who is romantic and supportive of other people.

LONG, THIN NOSE: An indication of social graces and manners.

Jamie Foxx

SQUARED-OFF HAIRLINE: Signifies an open-minded thinker who thrives on experimenting and trying new things.

PROTRUDING FOREHEAD: An indication of imagination.

PUFFY CHEEKBONES: Mean he can make lots of money.

BROAD BASE ON NOSE: A sign he enjoys material things.

Lindsay Lohan

HIGH FOREHEAD: A sign of a sharp mind and intellect.

DEEP-SET EYES: An introvert at heart. She needs space and privacy.

NATURALLY ARCHED BROWS: An indication she can use her femininity to her advantage. That they extend beyond her eyes means she has a lot of friends.

Jake Gyllenhaal

M-SHAPED HAIRLINE: Attractive to women.

THICK EYEBROWS WITH LITTLE ARCH: A sign of energy and passion.

NARROW JAW: Thinks for himself instead of relying on others’ ideas and opinions.

Antonio Banderas

KNOB ON THE END OF NOSE: A sign of someone who likes to be surrounded by beauty and beautiful things.

UPTURNED MOUTH: Indicates someone who is optimistic.

EARLOBES NOT ATTACHED: Makes friends like family.

How to Read a Face

FOREHEAD: A high hairline or a prominent forehead is the sign of an intellectual.

BROWS: Thick eyebrows denote anger and passion. The wider the space between the brows, the more cautious and thoughtful a person is. Arched eyebrows reflect a person of action, a doer. Straight eyebrows means a person deliberates more before doing something.

EYES: Round eyes reflect innocence and diplomacy. Eyes that narrow at the inner corner signify people who are cutting with their remarks. Sparkling eyes are a sign that someone is full of life.

NOSE: The larger the nose, the more powerful the person. A person with a broad-based nose is earthy and centered; one with a long, thin nose has aristocratic character.

CHEEKS: The bigger the apples of your cheeks, the more prosperous you’ll be.

PHILTRUM (the dip between the nose and upper lip): The wider the space, the more fertile you are. The deeper the space, the more creative you are.

MOUTH: The width of your mouth indicates generosity. One whose face is dominated by the mouth has a lot of desires.

LIPS: On a woman, thin lips signify someone who is repressed, not generous in spirit; full lips mean sensuality, someone who is alive and feeling. On a man, the size of the lips isn’t as significant.

CHIN: A pointed chin means someone is very emotional. A square jaw reflects strength of character and resolve.

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