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A Life Touched by 'Angels'

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Can you describe the moment when you realized you needed to check into the hospital?
I started coughing on the way home from New Mexico, and it made me suspect that there was a possibility of some kind of infection. I wanted to jump on it before it turned into a problem. As soon as I got home, I called my doctor and then went straight to the hospital and was immediately put on antibiotics. I am almost in the clear now. I am trying to make sure that things like pneumonia stay out of my way, so I am being very careful. If anything comes up, I am jumping on it immediately.

What’s hardest about being in the hospital? What’s one perk?
The hardest part is being away from my animals. The perk would be that everyone does everything for you.

How did you feel about missing the TCAs?
Clearly the timing did not make me happy, as I am excited about supporting the show. A lot of quality work has been done as a result of the remarkable team involved.

What are you most looking forward to as soon as you get out of the hospital?
I look forward to seeing my animals.

How have you been feeling since your interview with Barbara Walters aired?
When Lisa and I sat down to watch the interview, I suddenly had second thoughts…. I revealed so much of my private journey to the world. In the end I felt I was as honest as I could have been.

How did you spend the holidays?
We have spent a lot of our time at our ranch in New Mexico, and Christmas was spent in Los Angeles. Lisa and I celebrated New Year’s Eve in front of our fireplace, snowed in.

What is your greatest source of strength?
Lisa and the angels I seem to have around me.

What is something new you and Lisa have learned about each other over the course of the last three months?
The depth of both of our strength.

What brings you the most happiness right now?
That I am alive and plan on continuing to stay that way.