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A Day in the Life of Marky Mark

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So you want to hang with a hot-bodied rap superstar? Get used to shrieking women and protein shakes, hot tubs and cold food weight lifting and plain waiting—that’s life on the road for Marky Mark. “There’s too much going on to get real lonely,” says Mark, 21, as PEOPLE discovered during his recent L.A. gig.

Room 1103, Heartbreak Hotel: “I’m used to being cooped up. But I do miss my family, my friends, my own bed, my deep.”

“When I look in the mirror, I See an average, semi-pimple-faced-because-of-puberty kid.”

Midday, Mark jets to the gym in a rented BMW. conditions are hazardous as fans fog his windshield. “I should be driving a big jag,” he says.

Pecs Good Boy: “If I don’t go to the gym, I’ll be crazy all day. Weight lifting is the only time to let my frustrations out. And the cuties love it!”

Slob story: “I could live here for weeks without cleaning. The room would smell, but so what?”

“I burn food as fast as I put it in me. I eat lots of protein and carbohydrates and no junk. But it’s hard to be good on the road.”

“Sure I’d date a fan. But mostly I’m in and out of town too quick, and nothing comes of anything.”

Hoop of the day: Boston-born Mark makes like his idol Larry Bird in a preconcert game against a roadie.

Kid stuff: backstage, Mark gives pointers to a future teen idol.

Show time: “Let’s get funky!” he shouts. “I don’t want to sing no ballads, no slow stuff. I just want to rap.”

At day’s end, “Things really heat up. This makes the job worthwhile.” (And we thought it was the room service.)