Monica Rizzo
November 24, 2008 12:00 PM

1. So who taught you how to dance?
There’s fighting in my family over who taught me! It’s between Grandma, my aunt, my mom and my two sisters. Grandma is winning right now. She says, “I’m the only one that cut a rug with him!”

2. What do your jockish colleagues at Inside the NFL think of your moves?
They’ve been supportive and wonderful. You get the occasional hate … but you got to have a little razzing with your crew.

3. Do you get nervous before each show?
I normally don’t get nervous, but on the first night, I said to Kym, “What if I trip down those steps on the cha-cha?” She said, “It’s gonna be damn good TV!” I was ready to go then.

4. Soccer moms seem to adore you and Brooke Burke. Why?
The little pretty lady and the cuddly teddy bear? The one you want to look like and the one you take to protect you.

5. You’ve already worn rhinestones and satin. Is there anything you won’t wear?
Those feather sleeves Rocco [DiSpirito] had on!

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