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Grier Hammond

APRIL 18, 2006

Brooke Shields & Chris Henchy

Though daughter Rowan is just 3 now, Shields had a case of baby amnesia with Grier. “You forget,” she says. “You sort of think, ‘Wait a minute: Am I supposed to feed her every hour and a half? Is she getting enough?'” But the family is settling in comfortably, with even Rowan helping out. “If I pump milk into a bottle and Rowan’s up, I’ll say, ‘Do you want to give her the bottle?'” says Shields, 41. Of course, it’ll take some time for Grier to catch up to her big sis. Says the actress: “I told Rowan Grier’s not going to be very fun for a while!”

Barron William

MARCH 20, 2006

Donald & Melania Trump

With a name fit for his lofty lineage, the littlest emperor of the Trump dynasty seems destined for greatness—not to mention a life of luxury. When a New York Daily News horoscope predicted “this child will be a brilliant thinker, very entrepreneurial and take after his father in his talent for making money,” Dad had to agree. “I think he’s going to be a great boy and hopefully a great man someday,” says Donald, 59, who has four children from his previous marriages. As for his mom, she just hopes he’s happy. “I want to support him in whatever he wants to do,” says Melania, 36. “If you love what you do, you’re a very happy person, and that’s what I want for him.”

Bronwyn Golden & Slater Josiah

JANUARY 27, 2006

Bourtney B. Vance & Angela Bassett

Blessed with twins (carried by a surrogate mother) after a long, emotional journey to parenthood, the couple are reveling in their new family—and their babies’ emerging personalities. Big brother Slater (by two minutes) is the cuddler. “He likes to be on your chest—anybody’s chest,” says Bassett, 47. Bronwyn (above left), meanwhile, prefers flaunting her assertive side. “If she doesn’t have that bottle at the right time,” Vance, 46, says, “she throws a hissy fit.” As for handling double duty, “it’s made us more patient with each other,” says Bassett. “When he needs something, I jump to help him out. We balance.”

Alastair Wallace

NOVEMBER 27, 2005

Rod Stewart & Penny Lancaster

Screaming baby? Not in Stewart’s house. The 61-year-old crooner swears by the soothing powers of his American Songbook albums. “It’s worked since he was born,” says Stewart, who has six children (ages 11-42) from previous relationships. “It might have something to do with the fact that he heard these songs in the womb. He doesn’t like ‘Da Ya Think I’m Sexy’ and ‘Hot Legs.’ He likes the jazz stuff.” After Dad appeared on American Idol this spring, “I said to someone, ‘Hey, you’re looking at a contestant in 2026!'”

True Harlow

FEBRUARY 2, 2006

Joely Fisher & Christopher Duddy

Fisher had some idea of what to expect with the birth of her second child, but “having two kids makes things dramatically different,” says the actress, 38, whose older daughter Skylar is 5. “With the first, you can lie around on the couch breast-feeding for hours.” Juggling her daughters with her shooting schedule for ‘Til Death, her upcoming FOX sitcom, Fisher is still working on shedding the last of the 45 lbs. she gained with True, whom she delivered without an epidural (really!). “I am not someone like Christine Taylor or Denise Richards, who gained 1 lb. while pregnant and walked out of the hospital in a bikini carrying their newborn,” she deadpans. “When you’re nursing, I think you need extra calories and that ‘mommy layer’ on you.”

Henry Gunther Ademola Dashtu

SEPTEMBER 12, 2005

Heidi Klum & Seal

According to his mother, Henry takes after his daddy. “Everyone who sees him says, ‘He looks just like Seal,'” says the supermodel and Project Runway host. “And I’m like, ‘C’mon, there must be something of me in there somewhere.’ And they’re like, ‘No, sorry, he looks just like his dad.’ I’m a little sad about that!” And how is big sister Leni, 2 (whose dad is Klum’s ex-boyfriend, Italian businessman Flavio Briatore), adjusting? “She is very nice, and then all of a sudden she whacks him one,” says Klum, 33. “It’s very strange. She’s like, ‘Oh, Henry!’ and then smack!”


SEPTEMBER 25, 2005

Tia Carrere & Simon Wakelin

Just three months after Bianca’s birth, Carrere dazzled on Dancing with the Stars. But these days she’s performing for an audience of one—to mixed reviews. “When she gets grumpy, she grunts,” says Carrere, 39. “She’s impatient, and that’s definitely me.” But Carrere and photojournalist husband Simon Wakelin are relishing every second. “Time goes by really fast,” she says. “It’s scary.” Is she ready for another? “I’m someone who liked being pregnant. I just saw someone who was pregnant and I thought, ‘Oh, I could do that again!'”

Lincoln William Holiday

NOVEMBER 2, 2005

Kenny & Christiev Alphin

“Big” Kenny Alphin of the country duo Big & Rich has his stylist wife, Christiev, and their son Lincoln, 7 months, out on tour with him and bandmate John Rich (at back). Are Mom and Dad raising a country star? Lincoln’s already got an entourage. “He’s around all these artists and great creative people,” says Alphin, 42. “All of them love on him. He’s turning out to be the happiest little fellow.” And don’t forget the groupies. “He loves new faces, particularly—he is his father’s son—women,” says Mom, 43. Like any musician in training, he’s a night owl. “Getting up with him in the middle of the night is easy. Heck, I used to not even be in bed by then,” says Dad. Once up, “I sing him old crazy rhymes, little pirate songs. I’m constantly writing, so I test everything out on him first. It makes him laugh.”

Owen Isabelle

AUGUST 3, 2005

Michelle Branch & Teddy Landau

Just 21 and newly married to her 40-year-old bassist, Michelle Branch did not have pregnancy on her mind. But after a strange dream filled with pregnant women, she took a pregnancy test. “I was just sobbing. We were both really ecstatic,” she says. After breezing through a “so easy” nine months—no morning sickness, and her biggest craving was fruit—she endured a grueling 19-hour labor that ended with a C-section. These days, Branch is savoring her new life as a young mom—and looking ahead to watching Owen continue to blossom: “Everyone promises it just gets better.”

Lola Rose

JUNE 1, 2005

Denise Richards & Charlie Sheen

“Lola came out laughing,” Richards, 35, says of her new daughter (big sis Sam is 2), who has been the bright spot in a turbulent year for the actress, amid her split from Sheen. “She has been smiling since day one.” Before Lola, “I worried, How could I possibly love the second as much as the first?” recalls Richards. “My mom [Joni, 52] said, ‘You’ll be amazed. As soon as she’s born, you’ll instantly fall in love.'” Of course, Mom was right. “My mom was there for Lola’s birth,” she says. “My girls are very close to my mom. That’s Nana.” And Nana is certainly proud of her daughter and her granddaughters. Of the Richards women, says Joni, “We’re strong.”

Octavia Flynn

OCTOBER 16, 2005

Kevin Sorbo & Sam Jenkins

“I’ve got my daddy’s girl,” says Sorbo, 47. “I just hold her and stare. I don’t want to take anything away from my boys, because I love them so much. But having a girl—it’s a different feeling.” Even big brothers Braeden, 4, and Shane, 2, can tell. “They are really gentle with her,” says Dad. “They know they can’t get rough with her. Braeden said to me the other day, ‘Daddy, I really love my little sister.’ Whenever he comes into the room, Octavia just lights up.” As for adding a third little one to their already-bustling home, “we’re settling in,” he says. But maybe not for too long. “One thing I want to do with Octavia is to travel,” says Sorbo. “My dream for my kids is to see the world together.”

Adelaide Rose

JUNE 23, 2005

Rachel Griffiths & Andrew Taylor

The former Six Feet Under star, 37, and her artist husband, Andrew Taylor, raised eyebrows in 2003 when they named their son Banjo. (Their inspiration wasn’t the instrument, but rather Australian bush poet Andrew Barton “Banjo” Paterson.) For their new daughter, they kept things almost as unconventional, naming her after a city the Aussie actress has always enjoyed: Adelaide. Mom also has a novel strategy for dealing with any sibling squabbles: She plans to remind “Banj,” as he’s known, that after his little sister’s birth, “he went to the nursery and picked out the baby and he wheeled her in very proudly,” Griffiths recalls. “If he ever has a problem with her, I’m going to tell him, ‘Honey, you picked her out!'”

Ava Rose Kathleen

JUNE 20, 2005

Martina & John McBride

She’s as much a pro at pregnancy as she is at charting country hits, but the imminent arrival of Martina McBride’s third daughter, Ava, still yielded a couple of pleasant surprises. “Being eight years older than the last time I was pregnant, I wasn’t sure if it was going to be harder,” say McBride, 40, mom to Delaney, 11, and Emma, 8. “But I felt great! I guess your body just knows what to do after two babies!”

Cooper Dominic

OCTOBER 12, 2005

Ming-Na & Eric Michael Zee

No time for postpartum exercise? No problem, explains ER alum Ming-Na, 42. Just being Mom—in her case, to daughter Michaela, 5, and son Cooper, 8 months—packs in the weight training and aerobics. “Picking up a 20-lb. baby all the time, that’s a good workout,” notes the gym-averse actress, who’s married to actor-producer-writer Eric Michael Zee, 40. “And when you’re sleep-deprived, you forget things all the time, which is great because you’re always running up and down the stairs and back and forth to the car to get stuff.” Still, she admits that with her upcoming role as an FBI agent on FOX’s Vanished, “I’m going to have to start doing Pilates because it elongates you. I can’t be jiggling when I run!”

Sean Preston

SEPTEMBER 14, 2005

Britney Spears & Kevin Federline

After her 2004 wedding, the singer, then 22, plainly stated her short-term goal: “I want to be a young mom. At 23, I’m so there.” Almost a year to the day later, she made good on that promise, giving birth to son Sean Preston. Since then it’s rare to see a photo of the pop star without the cherub-cheeked babe in arms. Spears naps with him, sings to him (“‘Mary Had a Little Lamb,’ and I make stuff up”) and even called him “my religion” on her Web site. Still, her maternal desires have not been sated. “I want more babies. I love being a mom,” she said back in January. Four months later she announced she was pregnant with No. 2.

Poet Sienna

AUGUST 24, 2005

Soleil Moon Frye & Jason Goldberg

“We call her Po,” says Frye, 29, of her daughter’s distinctive name. “Poser is her nickname. But she’s so Poet. If anyone can live up to that name, it’s her.” The actress admits she’s still learning to relax in her new role. “I have the new-mommy syndrome,” she says. “My mom’s like, ‘Can I take her in the carriage?’ And I’m like, ‘But it’s raining!'” At nearly 10 months, Poet is already growing up fast. “She says ‘Mama’ and ‘Dada.’ The other night it was like she let us know that she knew the difference between us,” says Frye. “I’m going to start crying now, thinking about it.”


SEPTEMBER 24, 2005

Bo Bice & Caroline Fisher

He sings the joys of fatherhood, but American Idol rocker Bo Bice has changed his tune when it comes to sharing diaper duty for his son with wife Caroline, 25. “I did the diaper thing at first, but now I let her stick to it,” admits Bice, 30. “I say, ‘Baby, I would love to change diapers! But I’ve got too much stuff going on. I gotta stay focused.'” Not to worry. At the family’s home near Nashville, “I try to cover the bases in other ways,” he hastens to add. “I do the feeding, and I’m the cook of the house. I do the garbage.” All necessary antidotes to the lights and limos of life on tour, he says. “Caroline is incredible. Aiden is great. They allow me to go out and pretend I’m a rock star for three-quarters of the year, and when I get home, they ground me.”


APRIL 8, 2006

Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin

No doubt about it: Baby Moses is definitely the apple of his 2-year-old sister’s eye. “She keeps rubbing his little head, and she wants to hold him,” says model Helena Christensen, a friend. The family’s newest addition—whose name echoes the title of a 2003 love song Martin, 29, wrote for Paltrow, 33—”is one of the most beautiful babies I’ve ever seen, with these huge eyes,” says Christensen. “He has one of the most expressive faces.” Of course, with Apple and Moses under her wings, Mom is looking pretty content herself these days. “She just looks so beautiful,” says Christensen. “She’s a wonderful mom.”