January 26, 2011 09:00 PM

Courtesy Coty

As the daughter of rock legend Lenny Kravitz and Cosby Show fashion icon Lisa Bonet, it’s not surprising that Zoe Kravitz has crafted a unique style that’s all her own. “My whole thing about fashion is not to take it too seriously,” she tells PEOPLE. “I like to wear vintage clothes and things that kind of look tattered and have a story to them. The whole idea of clothes is that they tell a story.” The self-professed flea market shopper is, however, just as familiar with classic preppy style, having spent some time going to school on New York City’s tony Upper East Side. And that blend of downtown hip and uptown elegance serves her well in her role as the face of Vera Wang’s new scent Preppy Princess (top row, second from left in photo), a woodsy and fruity follow-up to the original Vera Wang Princess scent, which she also modeled for in 2009. “My whole thing about perfume, [is that] it’s usually too much,” she admits, “But this is subtle so I can actually wear it and not feel like I’m stinking up the room.” To learn more about the new scent, which starts at $45 for a 1 oz. scent check out – Hana Choi


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