May 07, 2010 04:59 PM

Your hair could help the Gulf Coast cleanup effort! As pressure mounts to stop the BP oil spill slick from spreading into the Gulf of Mexico, hair salons (of the human and pet variety) in Alabama and Florida are already donating hair trimmings–those little clippings swept up after cuts–to help stop the environmental mess, reports The Huffington Post. Filling old stockings with shorn locks, the makeshift contraptions will be used as an oil-absorbing sponge to mop up the muck, and you can help! Nonprofit group Matter of Trust is collecting hair donations from salons and individuals like you to create these oil spill ‘booms.’ While clean hair is preferred, all locks–whether straight, curly and colored–are welcome! Thousands of pounds of hair have already been coming in via UPS and Fed Ex. To get more information and find out how you can donate, check out

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